Vibrant Chartreuse and Imperial Wedding

Sometimes an unexpected palette is JUST what the doctor ordered. They say a beautiful wedding is all in the details, and when it comes to this gorgeous wedding decor, pops of color can have a big impact. By foregoing the traditional soft color combo that using the color white entail, Amazingly Creative Events crafted a dazzling décor in chartreuse green and imperial purple that was perfect for this vivacious couple Brenda and Shaka. Who knows, chartreuse green just might be the new pop color for summer décor. The Intercontinental Hotel in Tampa, Florida became an amazing venue for the unique details of this epic wedding.

We’ve been noticing a trend for bold elegant wedding decor of late, and while we still love the opulence of a vintage wedding, or the patterns and colors of a classical bash, there is something so elegant about fresh white linens paired with bold pops of color, and simple but colorful flowers.

Photographer: Rising Lotus Photography | Event Designer: Amazingly Creative Events | Floral Designer: Foo-te's Flowers | Other: L & L Events | Cake Designer: Publix | Reception Venue: The Intercontinental Hotel |Linens and Coverings: Fancy that Specialty Linens LLC


A Bohemian Romance Styled Shoot

A bohemian romance styled shoot that is inspired by lots of golds, with hints of green, pink, and white. The mossy green grass, and tall trees give this boho shoot a touch of nature to it. Between the soft flowers draped upon the cake, to the little elephants placed on the table; this was a beautiful and whimsical shoot.

Photographer:  Cassandra Farley Photography
Cinema and Video: A. Green Films
Model: Colton Lee
Model: Jessica Lee – Model Portfolio
DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Danani
Invitation Designer: Jacki Miller Photo Design
Tables | Chairs: St. George Party Rentals
Makeup Artist: Kelli Miller Beauty
Dress Designer: My Amazing Wedding Dress
Head Piece: Danani Handmade Adornments
Floral Designer: RAB Floral Design
Paper Details: Jacki Miller Photo + Design
Plates: Main Street Antiques
Cake Designer: Sweet Cakes by Karen

Submitted via Two Bright Lights
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Four Offbeat Wedding Ideas – Go Bold

Southern Wedding News_vintage wedding
Pin-up gangsta.

Go Back in Time

It’s one thing to go vintage.  It’s another to go full on reenactment for your wedding day.  But if history is your thing, pick a time period and go wild with ideas. Maybe you are a Civil War buff and want to Virginia Reel yourself down the aisle Scarlett O’Hara style, curtains and all.  Or maybe you and your fiancé love all things medieval and would like to pay homage to the Renaissance by toasting with your turkey legs at the reception.  For the history lover, this type of wedding can be so much fun to plan.  From authentic costumes to a sampling of the food of the time, you’ll guests will enjoy taking a step back in time to celebrate with you on this special day.  The possibilities and time periods are limitless and while not everyone will necessarily “understand” why you would want this type of wedding – well, who cares, right?  Off with their heads.

Honor your Obsession

Are you the biggest Disney fan on the planet?  Do you think Georgia is the greatest college football team of all time (my husband says the answer to this is yes)? Do you have every Lego set ever made (If so, my son would like to come over)? Embrace your obsession.  Whether you want to subtly work college hues into your color scheme or have Mickey Mouse marry you, this is a fun way to show off your personality.  Sit down before the planning begins and write down every possible wedding idea involving your obsession that you can think of (yes, some of them might be a little nutty).  Then go from there.  Maybe you want to incorporate Disney’s tradition of “Hidden Mickeys” into your day.  Perhaps a Bulldog grooms cake is appropriate.  Lego centerpieces, anyone? Maybe you want all of your wedding vows taken directly from the movie Scarface.  I’m not judgingI swear.

Occupational Weddings

I know of two dancers who got married onstage during intermission at the Nutcracker.  The audience members were their guests, the other dancers helped with the ceremony and their costumes served as their wedding attire.  It fit. They loved it.  Do you have an occupation that defines you?  Are you and your fiancé window washers who want to get married on the side of a building (unfortunately, due to my crippling fear of heights, I will be unable to attend)?  Are you a doctor?  A teacher? An occupational wedding seems like a fitting way for two people who have the same job to get hitched but you don’t necessarily have to have the same job.  Is there some fun way to pay homage to your life’s work as you marry your life’s partner?

wedding golf

Spotlight your hobby

I’ve heard it said that, “opposites attract but having similar interests is like cash in the bank.” As I look at this quote, I feel like I’m paraphrasing but you get what I mean.  It’s amazing that you and your partner have a hobby in common.  A wedding is a fantastic time to celebrate that similar interest.  So go ahead and get married while balancing on a rolling log at the lumberjack festival.  Nature lover?  Find a beautiful spot to hike to and get married at sunset. Do you both enjoy boating? Travel? Cooking? Golfing?  Find something that both of you have in common and find a unique way to delight your guests by incorporating it into your wedding.

You do not have to tie yourself down to a traditional wedding if it’s not you.  Weddings are a sacred time of commitment but should also be a reflection of who you are and the things that you hold dear.  So the sky is the limit (oooh, a wedding in the sky maybe)! Go forth, take inventory and be creative and bold!
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Vanessa’s fairy tale bridal session

Vanessa’s fairy tale bridal session took place in historic Berclair, Texas. We began the session outside the gates of the famous Berclair Mansion and moved on to the gorgeous Texas fields that surround the huge mansion. Finding the vintage fire truck was a real treat. The bride’s fiance is a firefighter so being able to incorporate that piece of personal flair into her bridal session was absolutely perfect. As the sun began to sink into the golden haze of the evening, the bride’s beauty definitely added to the gorgeous glow of our surroundings.

Photographer:  Studio Eleven Photography
Event Venue: Berclair Mansion

Submitted via Two Bright Lights
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Will you be my bridesmaid?


When I got married, I had one attendant.  I asked my sister to be my maid of honor, told her to pick out a dress and just let me know what color it was. I realize this is not the norm.  As a bride, I was kind of a minimalist.  Well, that’s what my budget required me to be.

Back in the olden days, in a time before Pinterest (it was a dark, dark time that I don’t like to think about) asking someone to be in your wedding was done over the phone or was a simple question shortly following the oohs and aahs of admiring a newly acquired diamond ring.

It was very uncomplicated

These days, it’s complicated.

But man, I sure like it a whole lot more.

Everything trending in the bridesmaid department currently points toward incredibly heartfelt and considerate brides communicating their desire for the support of their best friends.  It’s not just the request for a warm body to stand in a dress and even out the numbers in a church covered in “Blush and Bashful” (excuse the Steel Magnolias reference). It’s a truly meaningful gesture meant to convey the level of the bride’s friendship with her best girlfriends.  I love the lengths the brides are going to for their bridal party.

Brides are “popping the question” in all sorts of touching and fun ways.

Here are a few great ways to engage your maids!

Wedding celebration

Host a dinner party in their honor.

Before the craziness of wedding planning begins, have your best girlfriends over for a girls’ night.  Plan a make-your-own-salad-bar with some yummy bread and ask them to help you get married over a Champagne toast.  Another idea is to put personalized treat boxes at each seat with some fun gifts or memories inside with a card asking them to be in your wedding.  To top it off, include small planners for each of the girls so you can chat details over dessert.

Collage the question.

Most likely you have some cherished memories with the ladies you want to have in your wedding party.  Taking the time to scrapbook a personal card with some of your girlfriend highlights is not only a touching way to ask, but it is also a great walk down memory lane to see how much you have been through together. Hate scrapbooking?  Find the earliest picture of the two of you in existence and make a card using Snapfish or Shutterfly for each of your bridesmaids-to-be.

Ask it with jewelry.

You got jewelry with your big question so why not shower your potential bridesmaids with a sweet necklace or bracelet along with a request for them to be in your wedding?  It’s a thoughtful touch and is something your friends will cherish for years to come.

Personalize it! 

There are some adorable labels out there that you can use or create your own.  Stick it on a bar of chocolate or, better yet, a bottle of wine.  Present the gift to your bridesmaid with a touching card about how much she means to you and why you want her in your wedding.

Bridesmaids are a living timeline of your life as a single lady.  They have been there for you through the string of boyfriends and bad breakups always ready to help you pick up the pieces and move forward.  It is only fitting that they be there with you as you embark on your “ever after.” So make sure you put some thought into how and when you “pop the question”.

Now it’s my turn to “pop the question.” Will youhead on over to our Pinterest page and check out my bridesmaids pins?  Pretty please!
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A Very Merry Wedding to You!

Christmas wedding proposal

Have you ever considered a Christmas wedding?

I know it is not the most popular time to get married and there are some hurtles to overcome in the process. Christmas is, after all, an incredibly busy month for everyone.

I have been to three winter weddings in my whole life and only one of those was considered to be a Christmas-themed wedding.

It was breathtaking.

There is something magical about being a Christmas bride.  I picture white fur collars, halls decked out in deep reds and greens and a gorgeous horse-drawn winter sleigh beautifully adorned with silver bows and sleigh bells that tinkle at the slightest movement.

It makes me want to cheat on my stifling July wedding that took place over nine years ago and get married all over again.

Honestly, I would never forsake my small July weddingand well, I live in Georgia, where I have never needed a sleigh and wouldn’t know where to find one if I did.

But it’s a lovely picture.

If you approach a Christmas wedding with the understanding that it has it’s own unique challenges that must be acknowledged and dealt then I know you can have your own breathtaking Yuletide wedding of your dreams.

Christmas is a busy time of year.  Most people hit Thanksgiving, and run full speed ahead until they ring in the New Year, after which they collapse for a few days before running to sign up at their local gyms

I mean, I’m guessingI personally have never joined a gym in January due to guilt from holiday overindulging (guiltily looking at the ceiling and whistling while hiding oversized yoga pants behind back).

First thing you should do if you are planning to make December your future anniversary month, as with any date you are looking at for your wedding, is check with your family.  Be sensitive.  See if it’s feasible to plan it at a time when those you really want to be there can truly be there for you.

Evaluate your bridesmaids’ situations and your own expectations of their availability.  They will, no doubt, be juggling office parties and commitments of their own.

If you find that the support is overwhelmingly in favor of it, then go for it!

In terms of your guest list, the reality is that it just might be hard to get the same kind of attendance at your Christmas wedding that you might get at a wedding any other time of year.  This may not always hold true, but you have to understand that December calendars can fill up quickly and while people may really want to be there, they just may have scheduling conflicts.

Second, you need to know that you are going to be busy the month of December.  Your Christmas may look very different.  You may not get that Christmas wreath up on your own door.  There may be no annual “wrap gifts and drink wine” night at your house that year.  (But if you DO manage to pull it off, I totally want to be invited for that).

When I found out that I would be having my first child in late November, before Thanksgiving, I was so excited to have a Hallmark channel style Thanksgiving with my newborn.  My holiday would look the same as it had every year before, only better, because I’d be cuddling a beautiful baby in my arms.  I was going to make those Pilgrims proud.

What a silly, silly girl I was.

My first Thanksgiving as a mom was spent walking the halls with a screaming, colicky baby while my husband walked the aisles of Kroger buying every baby product known to man that promised to stop babies from crying and some that promised to stop us from caring.  The beautiful holiday ended with us arguing over whether the fact that the baby was crying was a good enough reason to go to the ER.

I was disappointed that my expectations were blown rather than going easy on myself.  So go easy on yourself.  You might be taking down your cornucopia door decoration in January.

And the neighbors might be judging you a little.

So keep your normal Christmas tradition expectations in check.  You don’t want to spend your wedding season beating yourself up because you didn’t get your Nativity yard inflatables up.

Christmas is a magical holiday that’s about being with the ones you love.  It is not a stretch to see why someone would want to also make it the time when they look into the eyes of the one they choose forever and take their vows.  So if you are considering a Christmas wedding and you are willing to approach it realistically, I say, “go for it.”

Make sure to get a great kissing picture under the mistletoe!

If you are having a Silent Night, why don’t you Jingle Bell Rock on over to our Pinterest board so you can see that It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas because I pinned some great Holly Jolly Christmas wedding ideas.

(See what I did there).
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It’s time for the Bachelorette Party

Canadians sometimes refer to it as a stagette.

But you and I know it as the bachelorette party.

And you are totes excited.

The rule of thumb for the bachelorette party isn’t unlike the first rule of Fight Club.  Except that someone will be sitting on a curb crying at the end of the night.

Mark my tweet…
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How do you end your wedding? Do you just… turn on the house lights and tell everyone to go home? Trust us – if you don’t make a plan for the end of your wedding – that might actually happen. Because once the DJ is finished – it’s usually over. So why not end everything in style and put a perfect end cap to your amazing wedding day!

But how should you make that exit? Here’s how some of our past couples have made the walk.

1. Bubbles! (can be tricky – make sure someone cues everyone to start blowing bubbles at the perfect moment just before you start walking)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | LeahAndMark & Co. | Wedding Exits

2. High Fives & Harmonicas!


3. Glow Sticks! (There was a fire advisory in the area so the couple couldn’t have sparklers for their exit – so they had glow sticks!)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | | Colorado Wedding

4. Party Poppers (… can be tricky… everyone held onto theirs so it all tangled and became a net that caught the couple and wouldn’t let them get away!)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | LeahAndMark & Co. | Wedding Exits

5. Streamers (attached to sticks!)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | LeahAndMark & Co. | Wedding Exits

6. A Parade (flanked by the groom’s mother and sister, this couple led all of their guests in a parade to their awaiting limo)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | LeahAndMark & Co. | Wedding Exits

7. Driving a decorated golf cart while being pelted by lavender (I think it was lavender… or rice… I can’t remember…) | Atlanta Wedding Photographers | North Carolina Wedding

8. Sparklers! (By far the most popular choice for exits at night! Honestly though – you want to get the foot long sparklers and not the shorter ones you can buy at the grocery store. Even if you have to have them brought in from a nearby state it’s totally worth it! They’re always selling them at the state line anyway (fireworks of that level aren’t legal for sale here in Georgia.)

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | LeahAndMark & Co. | Wedding Exits
Atlanta Wedding Photographer | | Vintage | Moder
Atlanta Wedding Photographer | | Vintage | Rustic | Modern | Portfolio
Atlanta Wedding Photographer | LeahAndMark & Co. | Wedding Exits

All Photos by LeahAndMark & Co.

1860’s Wedding from The Story of a Seamstress by Atlanta

My name is Atlanta and I am from Texas. We had a civil war wedding in Tennessee. I'm a historical seamstress by trade and made all the costumes. most of the audience was also in period attire. We had several bridal photo shoots, in Texas and Tennessee both, including sisters, friends, and bridesmaid….mostly because we didn't know what the weather was going to do the day of, and we didn't want to have so many pictures to take the day of the wedding… Read more

My Wedding Dress

I started making my wedding dress in January. I had been putting it off because it made me so nervous to think about sewing it! I was so afraid I wouldn't like it when it was done… Read more

The Wedding Day

After all the preparation, photos, getting ready to move into our new house, and decorating, the wedding day finally arrived! March 30, 2013. Exactly one year after we became engaged… Read more

History of our Wedding Location + Wedding Decorating + Cakes

Why did we choose the wedding location of Caney Springs/Chapel Hill, Tennessee? Because that is where the Nathan Bedford Forrest Boyhood Home is located. It also happens to be the Rainey home place, ancestors on my mother's side. It has been wonderfully preserved and restored because of it's connection to the famous general… Read more


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Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide

Over the years we’ve learned that while many weddings are often alike – many weddings are often very different. So when clients tells us that they’re ‘having a backyard wedding’ – we know to dig a little deeper. Because these days – a backyard wedding can mean many things, depending on the backyard, and of course the couple getting married.

However – a wedding is still a wedding, and even backyard weddings can be a little tricky to pull off. So here are a few tips (and a few photos from two backyard weddings we’ve photographed this year so far.)

Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide

1. Is the backyard large enough for everyone?

Simple right? Make sure you have enough room to reasonably accommodate everyone you want to invite. Your space will either be large enough, or it won’t. This is either a good thing or bad thing – good because it means that you can’t invite 300 people, bad because it means… you can’t invite 300 people. However many people you do invite – keep in mind the space/people ratio.

Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide

2. What are the actual costs involved?

Sure – you’re probably saving some money by choosing to have your wedding in a backyard, rather than renting out a wedding hall – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the money won’t be allocated (spent) elsewhere. Different neighborhoods have sound ordinances or occupancy limits and neighborhood associations can be very strict about what type of functions can and can’t go occur. You might run into difficult neighbors, or even if they’re friendly – you’ll want to let them know that there will be a wedding on that date so that they don’t schedule their pool to be dug during your ceremony! There might be other fees you’ll have to pay the city, or vendors to come to your literal backyard.

Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide

3. What will you need to rent/buy/borrow?

Do you want all of your guests to sit on the lawn? If not – then you’ll probably need to rent chairs. Is there already a natural ‘altar’ or ‘chuppah’ for your ceremony spot? If not – yup – you’ll probably need to either buy, build, borrow, or rent. What about tables to hold all of the food you’ll be serving? Or flower decorations? Paper decorations? Is it going to rain? Not enough cover from the sun? – You might need to rent a tent. Especially if there isn’t enough room in the home the backyard is attached to. What about your serving dishes, flatware, and silverware?

Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide

4. How will you handle the parking? The restrooms? The weather?

Parking can be a very big issue in a tightly packed neighborhood. Should you hire a valet service to ferry the cars to a larger lot down the road? Should you instruct your guests to park at the lot and just have them shuttled to the house? There are services for both of these options – and of course you can always employ some of the neighborhood to do these jobs if  you trust their reliability. Either way – if you’re inviting a large group and parking is tight, you need to address the parking issue.

Of course – you definitely want to have enough restrooms and this is easily solved by renting several portable restrooms as needed. Don’t worry – portapottys have come a long way and you can order them at varying levels of fancy. From your basic construction site model all the way to a fully electronic model with robots. Seriously.

Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide

5. Who will breakdown/clean up after the event?

You actually have to figure this one out even if you’re having your wedding take place at a regular wedding venue – it’s just usually already included in the wedding package or your coordinator takes care of everything for you. Since you’re opting to have your wedding in a backyard (yours, your parents, a friend) – the people most likely responsible for cleaning up after your wedding – will be your family and friends. We’ve even seen the bride & groom start picking up trash right after their own wedding. Honestly – we recommend that you clearly assign the clean task to specific friends or family – just make sure they know and they’re dependable. Probably even more dependable than your wedding party (since it’s actually a lot easier to be IN a wedding than to clean up after the wedding!) Either way – you definitely want to know how your backyard will get put back the way it was before your wedding took place there.

Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide

6. Where will your portrait session take place?

Alright so this one might be of particular importance to us (since you know – we’re wedding photographers) – but really – since you’re having your wedding a backyard, you might want your portrait session to look like it took place someplace else more scenic. How do you accomplish that? Well – the easiest way is to just actually have your portrait session SOMEWHERE ELSE MORE SCENIC. Basically you’ll want to make time in your schedule for the two of you and your photographer to go somewhere offsite and make some amazing photos. This can be after the ceremony or before (if you’re doing a first-look) but you definitely want to ‘build-in’ time for your portrait session. By offsite it also doesn’t necessarily mean a few miles away – it can be as simple as the park down the road or even next door if their yard looks interesting. But definitely – Make the time for your portrait session and have an idea of where it might take place.

Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide
Atlanta Backyard Weddings | LeahAndMark & Co. | Tips How to Guide

All Photos by LeahAndMark & Co.

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