Jena & Alex’s Wedding at Yarra Valley

Album story by Jena

We are both casual and fairly easy going and wanted our wedding day to represent that. Our love for nature and natural beauty meant that we both wanted our wedding to be held outdoors, and we were lucky enough to discover a quaint and delightfully peaceful farm to hold the ceremony. The day was informal, with many quests arriving early to get ready with us. We decided very early on that our wedding would be small, simple and personal. We invited family and close friends to share the day with us, and felt that each guest contributed a unique and irreplacable element to the experience. We had a Baha'i ceremony which took place under a 150 year old oak tree, which was perfect for providing much needed shade given that it was a 43 degree day. After the ceremony we went to a near by railway station to have some photos taken with our photographer. We were both slightly camera shy but it was lots of fun and a great chance for us to spend some time together as a newly married couple. The reception was held at Mt Rael Retreat. We always intended to have all of our guests sit at one table, and we felt it worked really well to create an atmosphere for comfort and closeness. There was no formal schedule for the evening, we just enjoyed a delicious meal, great music played by various friends, and the company of our 40 guests.

Photographer: free the bird – Dress: Handmade by Brides friend. – Flowers: Jumping Jonquils – Grooms Tux / Shirt: Ben Shirman – Grooms Shoes: 23 Tribes – Ceremony Venue: Harvest Farm, Healesville – Reception Venue: Mt Rael Retreat, Healesville – Cake: Sticky Fingers Bakery – Details: Self, sourced from vintage stores. – Stationery Designer : Becca Reid Stationary – Hair and Make up: Sammy Faye Makeup Artistry – Music : Various friends played live music


Jade’s Bridal Session

Album story by Elmer Escobar Photography

I met Jade at the Arkansas State Capitol building for her bridal session, 2 weeks before her and Drew's wedding. Jade arrived and she couldn't look any more perfect. Her dress fit her perfectly and she had a smile from ear to ear. The location is beautiful, and between that and a gorgeous bride, it made my life very easy. We started on the third floor and worked our way down. The architecture of the Capitol building is beautiful and Jade and Drew's wedding was a beautiful event!

Photographer: Elmer Escobar Photography | Location: Arkansas State Capitol Building


Jillian & Chandler’s Wedding

Jill and I met in nursing school. Specifically, on the long drive to our first clinical. The next completely unrelated occasion, we were across the table at an Outback Steakhouse, sharing our first date. It was Valentine's Day and poor planning on my part left us without a reservation at anywhere halfway decent, but Jill didn't complain. There was magic somewhere in that bloomin' onion, because since thin Jill has kept me hooked. Chandler proposed Christmas morning 2012 while we were at home. I came home from work the week before Christmas to find a 6' by 6' x 6' box taking up what used to be our living room. For a week I tried to guess what was in the box. Finally, Christmas morning came and I unwrapped the box to find a cardboard door, opened the door and found this enormous box filled with balloons. Feverishly I began digging through the balloons, a woman on a mission, to find out what was inside that box! Inside I found a large box in the center and unwrapped it only to find a smaller box, inside that box a third smaller box, and then a fourth smaller box, with a small jewelry box opened so I could see it was a beautiful diamond ring and the words “Will you marry me?” written on the inside panel of the box.
The most memorable happening on our wedding day was the look on Chandler's face when I got up to the microphone with the band and started singing “All My Life” by The Band Perry. He was very close to tears, surprise would be an understatement. It was a beautiful moment, one Jillian will never forget.

Photographer: Weddings by Danrae Babbitt | Cake Designer: Sweet Promises | Officiant: Circle of Mercy | Event Planner: Danielle Beckstead | Jewelry:Gabriel & Co. | Hair Stylist: Maid of Honor | Reception Venue: NC Arboretum | Floral Designer: Shady Grove Flowers | Musicians:the Remedies


A Perfect Fall

This is the story of A perfect fall wedding. There were no vendors, except myself. The family did everything together. “Our love story began at LaGrange College. I saw a tall, handsome boy walk into the room at a party and was instantly interested. After eavesdropping I learned that he had a sophisticated charm that interested me even more. Unfortunately, we were both in serious relationships at the time and Brian was told by his girlfriend to stay away from me because she could tell that our attraction was mutual. Five years later I made the decision to move south of Atlanta to a community that was more suitable for the lifestyle that I wanted to live. My girlfriends and I decided to go out to eat, catch up, and listen to music. Right away I spotted Brian with some of his friends so I started plotting how I could “accidentally” bump into him and make conversation. Plus he reminded me of Ryan Philippe from Cruel Intentions which I love. My friends and I followed him and his friends most of the night and until the opportunity opened and we had a wonderful, deep conversation. We caught up on everything that had happened since we last saw each other and learned about all the things that we had in common. Brian tried to give me his phone number but, having been raised in the south, I told him that I don’t call boys. He asked me for my number and called later that night to setup our first date. We went to a small pizza place near my apartment and had a wonderful evening. After our first date he had won me over realistic, witty charm and I knew then that I could spend the rest of my life with him. After about a year and a half Brian told me that we were going to dinner in Atlanta on a Thursday night. As it turns out he had gone to a jewelry store 2 weeks earlier and picked out 5 engagement rings that he thought that I would like. When the elevator doors opened I saw the jewelry store and then knew what he was up to. I fell in love with one of the rings that he had chosen and no matter how much I tried to take the ring home that night I had to wait a week for the stone to be set. That was the longest week of my life. When we started planning our wedding I wanted to be surrounded with all the love that I had grown up with so we decided to get married on my family farm. All the decorations were made by our friends and family. My 90 year old grandmother, Mildred, made the flower center pieces by heating plastic spoons into flower petals. Over 10 months she made more than 150 flowers in different colors to match our autumn wedding. My aunt and uncle handcrafted the wooden candle holders and the cake stand. Brian’s mother made the hanging candles from mason jars and river rock. My goal was to pay tribute to the wonderful childhood I had on that farm and to share the enchanted place with Brian and our family and friends. We were so blessed to have such a large group of people that had such a wide variety of talents that were willing to help us with our special day. Our wedding was a so beautiful because it was put together and executed with love and it turned out being everything that Brian and I had hoped for. After planning it out in my head since I was a little girl I finally got to marry my husband under the oak tree that I had played under as a child.”

Photographer: Brandy Angel Photography


Elizabeth & Josh

The good weather has finally hit Little Rock and we were finally able to plan out Elizabeth and Josh’s engagement session. Elizabeth and Josh were the contest winners for a free engagement session with myself and my very talented girlfriend (professional wardrobe stylist), Angelique. We decided to team up for something like this and I for one could not be happier with the results. For weeks Elizabeth and Angelique went back and forth discussing the look, the them, the colors: pretty much every single detail before the actual shoot.
Angelique and I scouted a couple of football fields because we knew what fans of football they are. Once we found the right one, we planned out a few shots and figured out what kind of look we wanted. We wanted Elizabeth and Josh to simply look like they went out and had a little picnic. The flowers on the ground looked beautiful and their playful personalities made it so easy to photograph (and the Yeti HAD to be in the photos, haha).
After that we headed down to this park where we knew we could find a little creek. Earlier that day we picked up a headpiece for Elizabeth and her and Angelique picked out the clothes that matched the scene beautifully. We walked around a bit and did a few more photos around the park until it got dark. After that we went downtown for more of a city look. That’s usually how I like doing engagement sessions: park/beach and then city. I feel like the city lights and sharp lines are a nice contrast to the peaceful and serene beach/park scene.
Elizabeth and Josh, you are an absolute joy to be around. You make a wonderful couple and Angelique and I had a blast shooting with you guys!

Photographer: Elmer Escobar Photography | Location: Downtown Little Rock


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