Jillian & Chandler’s Wedding

Jill and I met in nursing school. Specifically, on the long drive to our first clinical. The next completely unrelated occasion, we were across the table at an Outback Steakhouse, sharing our first date. It was Valentine’s Day and poor planning on my part left us without a reservation at anywhere halfway decent, but Jill didn’t complain. There was magic somewhere in that bloomin’ onion, because since thin Jill has kept me hooked. Chandler proposed Christmas morning 2012 while we were at home. I came home from work the week before Christmas to find a 6′ by 6′ x 6′ box taking up what used to be our living room. For a week I tried to guess what was in the box. Finally, Christmas morning came and I unwrapped the box to find a cardboard door, opened the door and found this enormous box filled with balloons. Feverishly I began digging through the balloons, a woman on a mission, to find out what was inside that box! Inside I found a large box in the center and unwrapped it only to find a smaller box, inside that box a third smaller box, and then a fourth smaller box, with a small jewelry box opened so I could see it was a beautiful diamond ring and the words “Will you marry me?” written on the inside panel of the box.
The most memorable happening on our wedding day was the look on Chandler’s face when I got up to the microphone with the band and started singing “All My Life” by The Band Perry. He was very close to tears, surprise would be an understatement. It was a beautiful moment, one Jillian will never forget.

Photographer: Weddings by Danrae Babbitt | Cake Designer: Sweet Promises | Officiant: Circle of Mercy | Event Planner: Danielle Beckstead | Jewelry:Gabriel & Co. | Hair Stylist: Maid of Honor | Reception Venue: NC Arboretum | Floral Designer: Shady Grove Flowers | Musicians:the Remedies

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