Elizabeth & Josh

The good weather has finally hit Little Rock and we were finally able to plan out Elizabeth and Josh’s engagement session. Elizabeth and Josh were the contest winners for a free engagement session with myself and my very talented girlfriend (professional wardrobe stylist), Angelique. We decided to team up for something like this and I for one could not be happier with the results. For weeks Elizabeth and Angelique went back and forth discussing the look, the them, the colors: pretty much every single detail before the actual shoot.
Angelique and I scouted a couple of football fields because we knew what fans of football they are. Once we found the right one, we planned out a few shots and figured out what kind of look we wanted. We wanted Elizabeth and Josh to simply look like they went out and had a little picnic. The flowers on the ground looked beautiful and their playful personalities made it so easy to photograph (and the Yeti HAD to be in the photos, haha).
After that we headed down to this park where we knew we could find a little creek. Earlier that day we picked up a headpiece for Elizabeth and her and Angelique picked out the clothes that matched the scene beautifully. We walked around a bit and did a few more photos around the park until it got dark. After that we went downtown for more of a city look. That’s usually how I like doing engagement sessions: park/beach and then city. I feel like the city lights and sharp lines are a nice contrast to the peaceful and serene beach/park scene.
Elizabeth and Josh, you are an absolute joy to be around. You make a wonderful couple and Angelique and I had a blast shooting with you guys!

Photographer:  Elmer Escobar Photography | Location: Downtown Little Rock

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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