Allison & Yaphet

“Yaphet and I met five years ago at a college dive bar in Boston called The Kells. We were both out with our groups of friends and didn’t really want to be there. I saw him from across the room because we were the two tallest people in there. We made eye contact but I was too shy to approach him. Fast forward to the end of the night, and a few vodka tonics later. I went up to him (he says I pinched his butt but I don’t remember that), started a conversation and we exchanged numbers. Who would have thought? Meeting a handsome, amazing man at a bar?!

The proposal was simple and sweet, I was eating hummus at home and he slid a box over to me. He chose the date, July 18th of last year, because it was his anniversary of being in the United States (from Ethiopia) – I forget how many years- around 13 years. – Allison

Photographer: Rudy+Marta Photography | Jewelry: Kay Jewelers | Event Venue: Kraft Azalea Garden | Makeup & Hair: Tracie Cervero

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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