A Rustic Barn Wedding

Mitch & Bethanie were married at the beautiful Southwind Hills Barn Venue in Norman, Oklahoma. Bethanie’s main focus for her wedding was on a feeling of family instead of a stuffy wedding. “I just want everyone to have fun & party” Thats exactly what happened. The couple got married in Southwinds beautiful barn venue, partied with their friends/family, & then rolled out of their wedding in style with a vintage Impala!

The flowers were purchased at Oklahoma Flower Market & then put together & designed by the bride & family DIY!!

The Fans were DIY with help from family.

The beautiful invites & save the dates in the gallery were designed & printed by The Honeypot.

Photographer:  Hibben Photography | Floral Designer: Oklahoma Flower Market | Event Venue: Southwind Hills Barn Venue | Design and Decor: The Honeypot

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


Story from the Bride herself:

1. Planning for our wedding began in November 2013, the month we got engaged. Our wedding included family from the very beginning. We went over to some good friends house for dinner. Mitch ask me to go out to the barn with him. I was surprised to see my 18 month old niece and nephew walking towards me with t-shirts on that said, “Mitch wants to be our uncle”, and “So say yes!!” I turned around to find him on one knee and of course I said yes!!

Our first chore was to find a venue. A friend of a friend told us about a barn venue that was just being built. We went out to visit. There was a wood floor and roughed in walls. The concept was elegance and rustic combined. We were able to have the ceremony and reception all in one place. Best of all…..they would take care of set up and tear down. I was sold. I dont like to shop, plan or worry about the details. We set a date August 2nd, 2014. Next on the list, the dress. I went to one shop, checked out the sale rack and fell in love with the second dress I tried on. I wanted to simplify the process from here on out. I like the basic concept of mix and match. I had ten bridesmaids yes 10! Three were sisters, one a cousin and the rest were friends from middle school, high school and college. I ask them to be in the wedding with a gift of a personalized wine bottle and coasters. I gave them a choice of four colors for their dresses, (sent them a poem with color chips from Lowes) and told them to pick any dress they wanted. The guys wore gray slacks and vest with mix and match ties!!! . The most time consuming part of the entire wedding was the Invites. I had awesome invitations made by a close friend at The Honeypot on Etsy.

Flowers – I wanted our bouquets to look like bunches of wild flowers. I was able to order just that “bunches of wild flowers” from a small flower shop inside our local super market. They were actually grown locally, which I loved! On my bouquet we attached an antique broach that all of the women in my family have carried on their wedding day.

My mom, sister and sister in law made all of the table and alter flower arrangements. They used wood slabs with mason jars, vases and twine. Surprisingly, they got most of the flowers for the tables at Homeland grocery store!!!

2. Most memorable moments– I loved my “get ready time” with my friends and family. I had gotten each of my bridesmaid’s different colored floral robes and a tote. We had a suite at a hotel near the venue. We ate, hung out, fixed our hair (my local hairdresser came) and did each other’s make up. It was so relaxed and fun!! I have to admit; we finalized the bridesmaids dress selection the day of the wedding. Thus, the picture of all of the dresses on the back of the bed.

I loved the chiming of the hour! There is something peaceful about the gong of a large bell in a quiet room.

Also, the girls got to pick a vintage hanky to wipe their “happy tears”, before walking down the aisle. That was fun!

A friend of mine, Jamie Bramble, played the guitar for us. He was amazing. I am not sure if it the southern girl in me or what, but there is nothing else like the acoustic guitar strumming some great music.

3. wedding dress was made by Justin Alexander

description – Strapless alencon sweetheart, silk dupion pleated cummerbund accented with silk flower and feather, circular cut lace tea length skirt, buttons over back zipper ( I took off the silk flower and feather!)

4. DIY – As I mentioned, my family did the table flowers for the wedding. My mom decorated several chalkboards that she had made: “I have found the one my soul loves”, “The best things in life are meant to be shared, thank you for celebrating with us,” and “ If you instagram #bethandmitchgethitched”. My mom also made the programs for the wedding. They were fans. (August in Oklahoma!!) Program on one side and the words to “Marry Me” on the other. My banner boys carried signs, ”Get ready”, and “Here comes the bride” We made the signs out of reclaimed wood and a chalk pen.

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