Brandy & Elijah’s Wedding Day!

Elijah’s cousin, Ann was having a “Paint Party” and invited friends and family over to help her paint her Living Room. While we were painting, we were also having girl talk. Ann and her cousin Quietta mentioned that their cousin, “Boonk” was supposed to come and help us paint. One of them mentioned that he was single and he is a really nice guy. I was like, “That’s great, but I am through with the dating scene”. We finished up painting and Ann and I were watching television and the doorbell rang and he walked through the door. The first thought that came to my mind was, “Dang he’s tall”. He came in and sat down and he seemed like a quiet guy. He later explained that he was having allergy problems and he had been taking the medicine trying to clear it up so that’s why his eyes were red. Ann, him, and I talked for a little bit, then went our separate ways. I sent Ann a text message after I left and said that he seemed like a pretty cool guy and she can give him my number if he wants it. He called me about 4 days later and that’s when it all started…

A week before the proposal, he asked me if I had plans for the following Saturday. I advised him that I didn’t. He told me to dress comfortable. In my mind, I was thinking that we were going to the Barons’ baseball game since I had been saying that I wanted to attend one of the games.

On Saturday May 4th, he called and told me to be ready around a certain time. I was nowhere near my side of town when he called to let me know that he was on the way. I asked him if I still needed to dress comfortable and he said to dress nice. It had been raining earlier that day. I had to rush home and get ready. He came to my house and we drove to Hwy 280 and pulled up at the Tilted Kilt. (I was saying that I was over dressed for that restaurant). He said, “Didn’t you see what I had on when you came to the door”. He also said that “You said that you wanted to try this restaurant out”. We ate then he said that he wanted to head to Leeds Outlet Mall. The first store that we went in was a jewelry store that I wanted to stop in to get my finger resized (I didn’t know what was about to happen in the next hour). He then went to another store then he said that he was ready to go. It was a store that I wanted to go so I was mad because I was like you can go to what store you want to go to, but when I want to go to my store then you want to leave. We ended up going to my store then left to go to my house. On the way to my house he said that his friend invited us to a party at his house later on that evening so he told me not to change clothes when I got to the house.

Well we got to my house and I was about to put some comfortable clothes on until it was time to go to the “party”. He said to hold up for a minute. He took me to my back deck and it was candles that were lit, wine, and edible arrangements. (I was so confused the only thing that was going through my mind was “How did someone get in my house? lol). He went in the house and it sounded like he was writing on a card. Then I heard India Arie song playing, “Ready for Love”. He came back outside and he grabbed my hands. I thought he was trying something different and we were going to eat outside and slow dance…lol. He then proceeded to get on one knee. He said, “In the Bible, Proverbs 18:22 states that, ‘He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord’, Brandy, will you marry me?.

Of course, I said YES!!!!

(The background of the story is that Gigi asked me to leave my screen door unlocked because she needed to use my computer which is common, because she didn’t have a key to that door. I was rushing out and forgot to leave it unlocked. In actuality I was leaving it open for his cousins Ann, Quietta, and Karmin to set up. Since Ann couldn’t get in, she had to jump two of my fences to get to my deck. They set everything up that’s why he was trying to rush back from the outlet so the candles wouldn’t burn out…lol )

· We really didn’t have a set theme. I just knew that I wanted the colors to be “Fuschia, Purple, and Gray”. We saw a few designs from “Angels Wedding Rentals”. I picked a few choices and I let her handle it from there.

· My dress was purchased from David’s Bridal, it was a Strapless Sweetheart Trumpet Wedding Gown – Strapless taffeta trumpet gown features beaded appliques on bust and hip. Fitted ruched bodice accentuates your figure. Corset Back provides a perfect fit and gorgeous silhouette.

· The best memory from the wedding was the moment that the door opened and I looked out and saw the man that I was about to marry, all I can do is smile and know that I have someone that I was about to spend the rest of my life with.

· The best advice that I can give a Bride to be is for you and your Fiancee’ to set a budget and stick to it, you can’t invite everyone that you know. You can’t please everyone. There are people that will get mad, but this day is about the covenant that you and your husband are about to make to GOD.

· Bridesmaids Gifts – Monogramed Black and White Chevron Print Overnight Bag (purchased from and the Earrings that they wore in the wedding(purchased from target). Groosmens gifts were Andis Clipper Sets (Purchased from Sallys)

· Wedding Flowers – Angel Wedding Rental

· Wedding Cake Flavor –
Groom’s– Red Velvet and Cookies and Cream

Bride’s – White

· Favorite Item on Wedding Menu – Baked Chicken

· First Dance Song – “You are” Charlie Wilson


· Bride’s Dress
Strapless Sweetheart Trumpet Wedding Gown
David’s Bridal

· Bridesmaids Dress
David’s Bridal
One Shoulder Short Dress with Illusion Neckline Style F15607
Color: Regency Matrons of Honor: Begonia

Junior Bridesmaids Dress
David’s Bridal
Short Crinkle Chiffon Y Neck Dress Style F15600 and
Bubble Hem Crinkle Chiffon and Charmeuse Dress Style JB4215

· Hair
Stylist – Kiffany Ray
205-902-2309 / (813) 252-0413

· Makeup
Make-Up Artist – Dee Shipman
Beauty Barr

· Bride’s Cake
Chef Amber Croom

· Groom’s Cake
K&J’s Elegant Pastries
1614 Kent Dairy Rd #206
Alabaster, AL 35007
(205) 663-4827

· DJ
DJ Ice Cold

· Photography
The Price Approach Photography

· Venue
The Boutwell Auditorium
1930 8th Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203
Phone: 205-254-2412

· Decorator
Angel Wedding Rental
218 Midfield Street
Midfield, AL 35228
(Also provided bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets)

· Bride’s Shoes
Gianni Bini Geneva Glitter Jeweled Dress Sandals – Silver

· Groom/Groomsmen/Junior Groomsmen/Ring Bearer Attire
Mr Burch Formal Wear
7201 Aaron Aronov Dr,
Fairfield, AL 35064
(205) 923-7838

· Flower Girl Dresses
Little Town
24 Phillips Dr
Midfield, AL 35228
(205) 925-7008


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