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Album story by  Lindley’s Photography

How we met – Friday March 7, 2010 is when Derk & I first met at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Derk was trying to catch a flight out to LA for friend’s wedding but was unable to. So his buddies came by, picked him up and they went to the race track. I as well had plans that got ruined so I decided to go there with my girlfriends. We had two mutual friends within both our groups so we were all in the same area. He walked up to me and asked if he could get me a drink and then we sat by the fire and talked for the rest of the night!! He never asked for my number and we went our separate ways when it was time to leave. So fast forward come Monday when I saw a few girlfriends of mine that I was there with told me that he was asking for me on Saturday. He thought I was going to be there for the actual race but I did not have tickets. I was told that he asked a few people for my number and family got it. ( I was on cloud nine to hear this ) Towards the end of the week I got a phone call asking me on a date! He wanted to take me to dinner and then bowling afterwards with some of his friends that I had met that previous Friday night. Dinner was perfect!! And bowling was a complete blast. BEST date ever for sure!!! Even though it was our first date I will never forget the moment when I KNEW he was something special. We were waiting for some lanes to open up and I leaned in and put my head on his chest and he kissed me on my forehead. Something so small had the biggest impact. (Then the shock of “Did I just lean on him on our first date”) Something about him kissing my forehead in that moment was the best moment ever. After that night we talked on the phone for two days straight. Derk works in the oil field out in the Gulf of Mexico. He is out there for 14 days at a time and then comes home for 14 days. It was time for him to go back out to work. I was for sure bummed not really knowing how it would work. He called me every single night! I was just beside myself with excitement! The 14 days have come and gone and now he is on his way back home. We made plans to go out to the lake the next day and we have been inseparable ever since that day!!!

How He proposed – We are very big into outdoors, traveling, and just making the most of the time we have together. During the summer time we are on the lake, river, or at the beach. We love the water!!! This was our first beach trip of 2013. This was just a long weekend trip we were taking with our friends. His best friend and his sister who I had become very close with. It was our first full day out on the beach and Derk wanted to take a walk, so hand in hand we went. I didn’t think anything of it…we had walked down the beach many times before. We walked down where there was no one around. We talked about everything! What the past 3 years had brought us and what we both want for our future, and about 10 minutes of walking we had made it to part of the beach where there was no one. It was perfect timing because when he was talking about what he sees in our future he turned me around and got on one knee and popped the best question I have ever been asked in my life!! Of course I just cried and said YES!!!! It was so magical J we hugged and kissed and I still cried… we stood their having our moment and this elderly couple walked up to us. They as well were in the middle of taking an afternoon walk. The old man said they saw our whole proposal. They stopped and watched and as Derk spun me around, got on one knee, and he turned to his wife of 55 years and said “That man just changed their lives” He said he proposed to his wife on the exact same beach and wished us the best of luck. Derk and I think it is really cool because it was a moment just for us two to have but out there somewhere is a couple that had that exact same moment 55 years ago. We walked back and shared our news!!! We will be getting married September 13, 2014 at Foxhall Sporting Resort in Douglasville GA. After all the special moments Derk and I have shared over the last 4 years this day will be by far the most special and we cannot wait!

Photographer:  Lindley’s Photography
Reception Venue: Pineola Farms

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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