Alex & Zach

Album story by Magnolia Photography

Alex and Zach grew up together as young children, but eventually would part ways in
their middle school and early high school days. One summer night, ten years ago,
yes10 years ago, Alex, 15 and Zach 16, were reintroduced by a mutual friend.
Little did they know, they actually lived right down the street from one another.

As their relationship flourished, they were literally able to grow up together, go
through those awkward stages, and enjoyable high school and college years. As they
grew and faced life’s difficult choices, their relationship did as well. But they
never gave up hope. They both agreed, that God had the perfect plan for them. After
college, Alex moved back to their home town to start a career in the dental field.
Zach ended up landing a promising career with Jarrett Bay Boatworks, in Beaufort NC.
About a year and a half later, Alex made the big move to Beaufort, NC where they
started the beginning of their “happily ever after” with their fur baby, Mimi.

Not long after Alex’s move to Beaufort, Zach had begun the process of planning the
perfect proposal. After buying the ring, he hid the box in his surfboard bag for
over a month!

On a mild night in late October of 2013, Alex was preparing to go to dinner with her
family. On the way to dinner, Alex’s parents insisted they make a pitstop at her
grandparents house, who happened to live in the same neighborhood as Alex and Zach.
When arriving at her grandparents house, Alex found Zach standing at the end of
their pier. As the sun set behind them, Alex skipped down the pier to greet Zach,
where he stood with a dozen roses, her ideal cushion cut diamond, and the inevitable
question that would change their lives. After overcoming the initial shock of the
situation, Zach was able to ask the big question. We all know what happened next…
She said yes!

Although, they’ve already spent over a decade together, the best is yet to come, and
this is only the beginning of their love story!

Photographer:  Magnolia Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

  • Cindy519

    Wow….I have known her since her mom was preg with her and she is one terrific girl!

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