The Southern Bride

Let me empower the southern girl in all of us to make your wedding a reflection of what you truly want. Don’t let anyone persuade you to navigate away from those details and touches that you want to incorporate into you big day.

You are a Girl Raised in the South (GRITS) after all, so grab your mint julep and let’s get this shindig planned!


For starters, it’s okay if your top three wedding supplies are sunflowers, an old pair of boots and mason jarslots and LOTS of mason jars.

If you want burlap table runners and antique milk pail centerpieces at your reception, girl, you do it.

Tease that hair to heaven. God is, after all, in heaven.

If you want to drop the “g” from every word in your weddin’ and replace it with an apostrophe, you get out that eraser and you do it! I do declare, it’s adorable.

Make everyone at your reception sit according to their SEC loyalties. It’s good to know your friends, it’s even better to know your enemies.

Like I said, buy those 150 mason jars with lids and straws that you are never going to use again just to serve sweet tea for 2 hours.

Coca-cola and Maker’s Mark are AMAZING wedding favors. It’s not trashyit’s a “nod to your roots.”

Moonshine. It’s a cultural thing.

Kindly request that your clean eating friends bring their own quinoa because you’ll be serving the four basic southern food groups: chicken, grits, biscuits and my personal favorite, red velvet.

I’m sorry but is a dog walking down the aisle any more unpredictable than a child? NO. Put a bow tie on that bulldog and include him in your ceremony.

A bag of boiled peanuts thrown in for good measure never hurt anyone.

So many cute sayings to pain on distressed wooden boards. You better get to it. Gotta give that paint time to dry.

What’s that? You’ve seriously underestimated the number of mason jars? By all means, girlGO BUY MORE.

And if in the midst of taking your engagement shots in the bed of a dusty old truck, you feel the eye of judgment upon you, take a swig of tea, chew your sugar granules and think to your self, “They’re just jealous, bless their hearts.”

images courtesy of Eric & Michael

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