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We thought that this wedding really stood out among several of the weddings that Krista Lee Photography has shot because of the location and the time and effort put into the little details. Below is what the bride had to say about the day…..

“I had always wanted a wedding outside in the fall and October seemed like the perfect month. I don’t think there is anything prettier than Tennessee in the fall. When I began looking at locations, I checked all the farm venues around town, their prices, and availability. I stumbled upon Owen Farm through my mother. She knew the brother of the owner. Mr Trace Owen was who we worked with for the property. He was amazing. Made me feel like part of his family and that whatever I wanted would be done to make my day everything I had dreamt about. Through Mr. Trace I found out about his friend Cindy who owned her own farm and had been the one had been decorating the weddings held at his property. She is a full time pharmacist and does wedding’s on the side because she enjoys it so much. Let me just say that my wedding would not have happened without this wonderful lady!!! Any picture I showed her from Pinterest, any idea I came up with, she either had the décor or could make it. She also offered to be the coordinator of the day, serve the food, and new a couple ladies who would come and help her. She knew of Mrs. J’s catering and said anyone who had used her loved all the food. Mrs. J had samples ready for my mother and I the first time we met and we signed a contract that day. Her food had me almost licking my plate and wanting seconds. From Mrs. J I found my cake maker, Brown Sugar Bakery. I wanted the cake to be amazing but could grasp the concept of how expensive most cake places in Nashville were. Brown Sugar Bakery did not charge by the slice but by how many people the cake would serve and had worked with all of my other vendors. The whole experience felt more like I was dealing with friends than strangers and most of the time they contacted each other about details so we only needed to write the checks and show up the day of. Krista Lee I had found a few years before I actually had gotten engaged so when that big moment happened I looked her back up and was so excited she was available for my day. She was so professional while also making me feel more like a friend than a client. She got all the pictures I wanted and having those to remember my day was one of the best decisions I made when picking vendors for my wedding.

 Most of my inspiration for the big day came from pinterest. I wanted simple and country chic. I had told Cindy as long as everything looks pretty I am not picky about the specific flowers or décor and gave her free reign to run with whatever she thought would look best. She knew the florist and recommended her who was a freelance florist that again was given free reign over the specific types of flowers as long as everything looked pretty. We were able to have the rehearsal anytime on Friday because we had the entire farm for the three day weekend. My wedding day truly was my dream day and I would suggest Owen Farm and all my vendors to any bride who wants and Amazing wedding day.”

  • Thank you so much for your kind words, and for featuring this gorgeous wedding! We just loved working with Maggie and Andrew, and it was such a pretty day. 🙂 🙂

  • Thank you for much for featuring our Country Chic Wedding! What an honor!!

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