SWN-  So he popped the question! Tell us a little about it.

Kady- Parker and I planned a weekend for my family to visit his family in Tennessee for 4th of July celebrations! Unfortunately the weather was horrible and rained for 3 days straight. When we finally got a rain break, we ended taking a morning boat ride on the lake with both of our families. We stopped on an island and he had attached a letter to my bulldog Stella collar asking me to marry him. I was so surprised and it couldn’t have been more perfect!

SWN- Tell us a little about your venue. Why did you choose it? What did you love about it?
Kady- The Georgian Terrace in downtown Atlanta is one of my favorite places! Its originally architecture in the Georgian Ballroom is the perfect backdrop for our wedding day!
SWN- Tell us about finding THE dress. Was it love at first sight or were you caught off guard when you tried it on?
Kady- The dress portion for me was probably the easiest part of the wedding planning I have done so far! I am usually a very indecisive person, but i fell in love instantly! It’s beaded, Lacey and form fitting! Its a sassy dress and fits my personality perfectly

SWN- What were some of the most important components of your wedding? In other words, what details were you most passionate about and why?

Kady- Since most of our quest are from out of town, convenience was one of the most important aspects. That’s why we are having a one stop shop, ceremony and reception in a beautiful downtown Atlanta hotel! The second most important part is MUSIC! I love to dance so having an awesome band was a must

SWN- Did you choose to do something totally unique or different at your wedding? Tell us about that and the inspiration behind it.

Kady- I come from a very large Italian family and Italian weddings are known for there cookie tables; its more important than the wedding cake. A large table with every Italian cookie you can think of hand made by my great aunts from West Virginia!

SWN- How did you meet?

Kady- Parker and I met at a bar in downtown Atlanta. I was a summer beer festival and ended up meeting him randomly. He was very persistent after that night, so I finally gave in and went on a date with him.

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