SWN- Tell us a little about your venue. Where did you get married? Why did you choose it? What did you love about it?

Lindley’s Photography- Tryphena’s Garden in Kendra’s home town of Fort Valley.  Andrew and Kendra’s relationship blossomed while they both were working in their yards and gardens.  So it was natural that we picked a location where we were surrounded by nature.

SWN- Tell us about finding THE dress. Was it love at first sight or were you caught off guard when you tried it on?

Kendra- Yes…love at first sight.  Beautiful long ivory gown with a lace overlay to go with Rustic/Vintage Chic Theme.

SWN- What were some of the most important components of your wedding? In other words, what details were you most passionate about and why?

Kendra- A lot of the decorations used for the reception were hand-made and created with love by Kendra and her family.  So it was very important that the photographers and videographers captured every detail.

SWN- Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. Tell us about the photos. What shots were important to you? Which picture is your favorite?

Kendra- A lot of the decorations used for the reception were hand-made and created with love by Kendra and her family.  So it was very important that the photographers and videographers captured every detail.

SWN- As you think back on that day, what stands out as being your favorite moment?

Kendra- Being surrounded by my family and knowing that I will be spending the rest of my life with the man God created just for me.

Our Story – “If God wants me to be with someone, he will just have to put him right in my face.  I want the guy to literally walk up to my door, knock, and be like God sent me to you.”

This is what Kendra was telling herself.  Now, she really didn’t believe that it would actually happen this way, but if it did she wanted to know that it was God’s doing and not something she initiated.

As Andrew looked out of his window, he noticed Kendra working in her yard.  At that moment he decided to walk his dog as an attempt to strike up a conversation with her, but she ignored him then and several times afterwards.  Andrew concluded that she was acting like a mean girl but still wanted to get to know her a little more.  So one day he convinced his neighbor to meet him outside so they could tease Kendra as she worked in her yard.  He did this a few times until, finally, one day she decided to hold a longer conversation while accusing Andrew of being a trouble-maker.  She continued to act mean towards Andrew but this time she was smiling.  He knew right then that there was a chance that he could continue to make her smile.

Then Andrew came from a different angle and started asking Kendra about her yard and what she used to make her grass so green and healthy.  And that’s when they started having more casual conversations.  It took roughly a year before they actually sat down together and just talked.  It was so refreshing for the both of them to be able to share their interests, careers, travels, and other experiences as if they were already best friends.  Sometime during these conversations, Andrew also gave the notion of how he felt about Kendra.  Of course she blushed at every compliment but never really wanted him to notice.

Kendra finally gathered up the nerves to ask Andrew over so they could talk.  They talked for several hours and at that moment they both knew that this was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.  A few weeks later they went on their first date to attend a wedding and later that night enjoyed a nice walk around Atlantic Station.

He has been making her smile ever since.


So, it’s October 12th, 2013 and I am getting ready for the biggest party of the century.  My 40th birthday bash.  My cousin and I called it “The 32/40 Experience”, as she was also celebrating her birthday.  I don’t recall ever having a party to celebrate the day I entered this world, so for me it was going to be exciting, fun, and beautiful.  And I must admit, it was all that and so much more.  However, I had no idea what was really going to happen.

Earlier that evening my cousin and I met at the Twelve hotel to begin the celebrations, then we caught cabs over to Bar One where family and friends were waiting to greet us.  There were so many people there, all to wish us a happy birthday.  I felt so overwhelmed and blessed!  We started off with a toast, then, the party began.  Drinks, food, dancing, and laughter non-stop.

But just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I heard someone over the mic call for the birthday girls to come center stage.  Then Andrew was called up front along with a couple of other guys so that they could wish us a happy birthday and supposedly serenade us with a song.  I was a little confused at this moment because I wasn’t sure if all three were prepared to sing.  So Andrew was given the mic to start off.  He wished me a happy birthday but instead of singing, he dropped down on one knee, pulled out a ring box, and officially asked me to marry him.  I felt like I was dreaming on cloud 9.  I could not believe it.  He surprised me with a gorgeous ring in front of my family, friends, and people I didn’t know.

That was the icing on the cake and so beautifully done.  I felt so blessed the entire night.

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