An Engagement tail

Stacy and Jon are in the process of planning a spring 2015 wedding in Atlanta, Georgia. So it only seemed fitting to celebrate their spring engagement outdoors! I was so excited to hear they wanted to bring a special prop along to their engagement session. Stacy and Jon were so excited to include their sweet pup, Trent into their session. The three of them together made for a wonderful spring afternoon!

Photographer: A. Bloch Photography
Other Location: Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

SWN- So he popped the question! Tell us a little about it.

Stacy- Jon and I met in high school, lived in the same neighborhood and spent a lot of time at the beginning of our relationship at his parents house. We usually go back home for Christmas and spend some time with our families and this past year was no different. Jon and I had traveled to Columbus, Georgia on Saturday morning and spent a day at the mall finishing up our Christmas shopping. After a long day, we were relaxing by his family Christmas tree with our dog, Trent, and a glass of wine. Next thing I know, he was down on one knee with the ring! I, of course, said yes! Turns out, Jon had picked up the ring that morning and it was burning a hole in his pocket all day, I had NO idea! It was the best surprise.

SWN- Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. Tell us about the photos. What shots were important to you? Which picture is your favorite?

Stacy- Jon and I were initially pretty nervous about getting our engagement pictures done, because neither of us had ever had professional pictures taken. But once we chose Amanda, we were ready! The only thing we really wanted out of our shots were pictures that showed our connection and true happiness in just being with each other. Amanda nailed it! We didn’t do much posing, more just hanging out and joking with each other, as usual. The whole day was a blast and Amanda really made us feel relaxed and comfortable. My favorite picture is one of us in the woods with Jon’s hand on my cheek. We were in this meditative pose and we could really feel each other’s energy. I think the shot perfectly captures how connected we felt at that moment. I also love the pictures of Trent!

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