Kelly, Trey and Chawko – The Perfect Trio

This Kelly and Trey who now live in Austin, Texas. I had the pleasure to shoot their Destination Wedding 2 years ago, so this is actually an anniversary session that we did last month, however they never did any engagement photos or had photos done since their wedding day. We wanted to make sure to have an “engagement shoot” style anniversary session so they could cherish the memories two folds. Their awesome lab named “Chawko” is a big part of their lives. When Kelly and Trey received their photos I received such a sweet message from Kelly “Trey is seriously going to cry over the Chawko photos, Thank you so much!” This is the exact emotion I can’t wait to hear back from clients and makes me so happy to hear they loved the memories I have captured for them. I hope you enjoy them as well! If only all of us could have a dog that could balance engagement rings on their noses! Sincerely, Anna Smith

Photographer:  Anna Smith Photography
Location: Downtown Austin

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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