SWN: So he popped the question! Tell us a little about it.

Jenelle: Our proposal story is anything but romantic, but incredibly funny. We were in Michigan for David’s sister’s wedding, and we were both standing up in the wedding. Everything was perfect and obviously David proposing to me was as far away from my mind as possible, it was his sister’s day. At the reception it was the first time I got to meet a lot of his extended family and their friends, so we spent a lot of time walking from table to table greeting people. Each time we got to someone new they would tell David, “Oh, you’re next!” David would promptly reply, eventually, but maybe in the next 10 years at some point. His response to everyone was the same. He made it sound like marriage was not even remotely close to happening and that he really wanted to wait quite some time before approaching it. I spent the rest of the reception stressing out thinking “What am I doing” “We’re not even on the same page, maybe not even in the same book.” I was ready to get married, and I thought he was too. I already wasn’t feeling good so I ended up just returning to the hotel. A few hours later, sometime after midnight, David stumbled in and walked straight to the restroom and threw up. He pulled himself together, nervously walked next to the side of the bed, and knelt down, and told me he couldn’t wait any longer. I had no idea what was going on and after being half asleep I kept asking, what? Are you sick? Do you need to go to the emergency room? David didn’t say a word, he turned around, pulled the right out of his bag and asked me to marry him. I was so excited and in such disbelief that apparently I said “no, no, no” before telling him “Of course!” Immediately after giving him a huge hug and amidst all the tears, I ended up running to the bathroom and throwing up. Both of us throwing up on our engagement night wasn’t quite how I picture it, but it is insanely funny. My nerves got the best of me.

SWN: Tell us a little about your venue. Where did you get married? Why did you choose it? What did you love about it?

Jenelle: David and I are both from Michigan, and so is all of our family. We wanted a venue down south that encompassed everything we love about North Georgia – small town charm, beautiful mountain views, and a woodsy setting. The Juliette Chapel in Dahlonega was just that. It was a brand new venue, the owner was phenomenal to deal with, but the selling point was the BEAUTIFUL CHAPEL, the absolutely stunning event hall, and the ability to do whatever we want within the entire property. It was perfect. I am eternally grateful to Kathy, the owner, for being part of our wedding day and opening her venue up to us. It was absolutely perfect.

SWN:  Tell us about finding THE dress. Was it love at first sight or were you caught off guard when you tried it on?

Jenelle: I went dress shopping with my mom, older sister, and best friend. I had two major issues. I have a really hard time making decisions and I hate when people look at me, lol. My sister helped by taking charge and getting a few different styles for me to try on. The woman from the store helping us thought it would be good if I at least went through and picked out one dress that appealed to me. I found one, in the middle of a rack, in the middle of the store. I ended up trying that dress on first and LOVED it. I tried one about three or four more dresses, but just could not shake the first dress. I put it back on, and I knew it was right. My best friend found a headband and transformed it into a belt, and in just a matter of minutes we personalized the dress and made it my own.

SWN: What were some of the most important components of your wedding? In other words, what details were you most passionate about and why?

Jenelle: Honestly, the most important aspects to us were food/beverage, music and photos. My husband is part Italian, and I am part Arabic, so we come from backgrounds that LOVE food. Food was so important to us. We didn’t want the typical bland wedding food, all dried out and completely unappetizing. We found a great caterer who had different apps and entree options, and everything just worked out perfect. The only thing we really wanted for our wedding was for everyone to have a good time and just party all night – and we did. I think the food helped fill everyone up and get them amped to hit the dance floor.

SWN:  Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. Tell us about the photos. What shots were important to you? Which picture is your favorite?

Jenelle: Every bride probably says this, but I am in love with our wedding photos. Barbara is one of the most amazing photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is fun, energetic, and willing to do ANYTHING to make your day run smoothly. She is incredibly creative and talented, and it truly shows in our pictures. I was stressing out all week because it was set to rain on our wedding day, and well, it did. But Barbara assured me the pictures would still be phenomenal, and they were. She wasn’t afraid to get wet while it rained so she could get the perfect picture of us under an umbrella. She held my dress up when I walked, and constantly made sure she could get the perfect shot. Our pictures are fun, creative, and most importantly to me, romantic. This one is my favorite:


SWN: Anything unexpected happen during your wedding? Something funny?

Jenelle: A friend of my husband’s married us, so I ended up writing our ceremony script. You would think writing the script means you know whats going, or you know it well enough to know what you should say and when. During our vows, it was my turn to say I do after a slew of promises were said by our officiant. Everything just kind of stopped and our officiant and David both stopped and looked at me, and I said “What” and then I realized what I had missed and so “Oh yeah,  I DO!” It was definitely funny. My sister poked fun of me later, reminding me that during the ceremony I had one job, all I had to do was say “I Do”, and I forgot. Lol.

SWN: Describe your feelings and thoughts as you were walking down the aisle.

Jenelle: I thought the music to walk down the aisle to was so important, but I never heard it. I was so in my head, trying not to cry, completely nervous and in complete shock that I was actually walking down the aisle. I just never heard it. I started to cry when I heard my dad break down, and I just kept walking, knowing if I could just get down the aisle to David, and hold his hand, I would be fine.

SWN: As you think back on that day, what stands out as being your favorite moment?

Jenelle: I think the dance floor is my favorite memory. Our families got out on the dance floor, enjoyed themselves, and just absolutely cut loose. It was just so much fun to see everyone getting along and enjoying one another. My mom and David’s mom both went to high school together in Michigan, and we met randomly in Georgia, so it was like one big reunion at our reception, and both of our families just immediately meshed into one. It was perfect. AND David and I constantly talk about how much fun we had with our photographer. My family loved her. My brother in law even stole the camera from her and snapped some shots of her. It was great. Even the vendors felt like family.

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