Bachelorette Trips: Four Awesome Southern Girls Weekends

A lot of brides are foregoing Bachelorette parties for Bachelorette weekends. It serves as a great break in the midst of wedding planning and the craziness of life and allows you to go off with your girlfriends without having to talk about the business of the wedding. (Do your bridesmaids a favor and drop the wedding checklists for the weekend…this trip is for fun). So where do you go? Here are a few great destinations for your bachelorette weekend.

Savannah is the city for the history loving foodie bride who wants to relax. If you’re looking for an old southern city with amazing dining, beautiful buildings and limitless shopping, Savannah is a great destination. The biggest problem you will have here is narrowing down what you want to do. You and your girls will love walking the beautiful streets lined with historic homes and taking in a museum. Build your wedding trousseau at the local boutiques or hunt for beautiful unique wedding jewelry for your bridesmaids. Have a spa day at one of the many beautiful facilities and enjoy relaxed dining waterside as you sip wine and eat the local fare including seafood and old southern favorites. Savannah is for the bride who just needs to be transported for a few days to simpler times in a place where she can be near the melodic sound of the sea. See also Charleston.

For the bride who wants to try her luck before the wedding, Biloxi is calling your name. It’s the next best thing to Vegas and it’s within driving distance of most Southern towns. The great thing about towns with Casinos is that everything you could possibly want to do is very nearby…because they don’t ACTUALLY want you to leave the casino. With live entertainment, lots of dining options and nightclubs, you can have one of those weekends where you don’t sleep…like in college…except not because you have a paper due tomorrow. Biloxi is a great town to go to for the girls who need a little more excitement out of their weekend. Towns like Biloxi are designed to keep things bright and colorful all through the night…just remember, this is a gambling town so don’t bet the wedding budget at the nickel slots!

North Georgia Wine Trail
Georgia has become an impressive winemaking hub. While it’s not Napa, it does make for a fun wine tasting weekend. Hire a car/bus/van, find some quaint mountain accommodations and head through the foothills on a journey to taste the sweetness of southern grapes. This weekend is great for the girls who want to spend the weekend catching up. There are no nightclubs to stay at, not a plethora of options in terms of sightseeing, but with just a weekend, you can get in a lot of that much needed girl time. This is also an excellent time for spa therapy. Wait…it’s always an excellent time for spa therapy. In addition to wine tasting, the trail is near outlet shopping, gold mining and some beautiful walking trails for those ladies that love to explore the outdoors. You may also choose to rent a mountain cabin, plant yourself in the hot tub with a glass of wine and laugh the weekend away.

No matter where you choose to go or what you plan to do with your bridesmaids, this weekend is an opportunity to take a break from the details of the wedding, get out of bridezilla mode (I’m not judging) and enjoy some real girl time.

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