Saying “I Do” Again! Lindsey & Josh Renewed Their Vows

Lindsey and Josh have been married for a few years. They recently renewed their vows and fell under the “have friend with a good camera” take my pictures. After receiving their pictures back, they were rather unhappy with how they turned out. At that time Lindsey knew she should’ve hired a professional, as she has no images in her house of her and her husband from this day. Lindsey, Josh, and myself are all from a small town in Virginia called Louisa. A town where everyone knows everyone, mom and pop shops still exist, the train comes through several times a day and backs up travel from the few stop lights that are in town. For this special session I not only wanted to capture the love of Lindsey and Josh, but I also wanted to tell a story about out small town through their images.

We love two bright lights

Photographer:  Crystal Reyns Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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