This or That? Which bride are you?


There are lots of decisions to make about your wedding. It seems like as soon as the ring is slipped onto your finger, it’s time to put your tennis shoes on and start running until the honeymoon. The amount of decisions to make about whom to hire can be simply overwhelming. But even before you get down into the nitty gritty of choosing vendors, there are some basic questions to ask first. Knowing the answer to these will help you narrow the playing field a bit.

Are you a local bride or a destination bride? Will you be taking the plunge in a place familiar to you or will you be opting for the oasis of a gorgeous destination? This decision, particularly if you choose for a destination wedding, can help a lot of other things fall into place for you. Either option makes for a breathtaking and meaningful day for you and your guests. While the logistics of a destination wedding can seem overwhelming, it makes for a seamless transition into your honeymoon and frees you up from worrying about much else than getting your people to pay for their rooms. The hometown wedding can be equally daunting but there is a lot of forgiveness built into the schedule since you can run home and get your wedding dress if you happen to forget it. That’s not going to be easy in, say, Barbados…but hey…you’re in Barbados.

Are you a church bride or a venue bride? One of the very first agreements between the bride and groom should be about where they want to take their vows. This should be between the two of you. No one else that day is going to be promising to be there during not-so-glamorous, ugly and downright hard times. Try to drown out the opinions floating around and choose a location that will mean something to you. Are you a couple that really want to have a traditional church ceremony? Or perhaps there is something meaningful about a particular location and you want to have your ceremony there.

Are you a big wedding bride or a small wedding bride? The truth is that there are pros and cons to both and if you choose a destination wedding, you are most always headed for a small wedding. Big weddings are pricier but small weddings mean tougher guest list cuts. The other truth is that you can’t even begin to calculate a budget until you know your headcount. So as hard as it is and as much as nailing people down to get headcounts on relatives is like herding cats, you’ve got to get your mind wrapped around your number and try to make that number fit with you big wedding or your small wedding.

Are you a sit down dinner bride or an hor d’oeuvres bride? This is going to make looking for a caterer a bit easier. Also, keep in mind, some venues (like hotels) require you use their caterer. But if you do get to choose, these two catering styles are vastly different. Although most Southern weddings lean toward a buffet style spread with seating, it’s not unheard of to have a fully catered dinner at the reception. Once you decide which route you are going to go, look for a caterer with great reviews for that style of reception.

There are going to be so many times during the planning of your wedding where you will be asking yourself, “Am I this or that?” Remember to keep focused on your most important wants and keep an open mind about the rest. There are no wrong decisions in this, there is only creating a day that you will remember fondly.

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