Laugh about it…A wedding with a sense of humor.

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Let’s face it, most people love to laugh. And I find that laughter is sweetest in unexpected moments. In moments that are supposed to be solemn, when we are meant to be reverentsomething either completely unexpected or unexpected to us happens and it lightens the atmosphere and makes people perk up. Maybe you and your fiancé have a terrific sense of humor. If you do, I highly recommend incorporating some of this wonderful trait into your wedding day. There are so many ways to lighten the day and relax the guests with a tiny bit of humor. Here are four great ways to inject some humor into your wedding.


This definitely can include songs played at the reception. Maybe the DJ can reveal and play your guilty pleasure song to your guests. I mean, who doesn’t secretly love Mambo Number Five? The other ideas that have floated around the internet lately have included flash mobs or “official wedding dances” that take a turn for the funky. What’s great about using the reception to give your guests a giggle is that it’s after the wedding. You can maintain the formality of the ceremony while ushering in a hilarious good time at the party. The sky is the limit to what you can do once the bar is open and everyone is ready to party down. Now if you’ll excuse me, I will just be in the corner doing the running man (the only dance I can do with a name)… “a little bit of Monica…”


Oh man, there is no end to the crazy wedding photos that can be done. All you need is a well thought out plan of action and the cooperation of your wedding parties and your photographers can surely snap all the traditional shots while squeezing in some memorable and hilarious photos. Just type “funny wedding photos” into Pinterest and you will see no end to the ideas. A few of my favorites include the groom showing off his ring to the squealing groomsmen, the bridal party running from an (added later) T-Rex, the bride out drinking the wedding party or even the groomsmen pulling their shirts open to reveal their superhero identities (potentially the only wedding my son would not think was completely boring). Then there’s always the various caveman inspired photos where the bride or groom pulls the other one by their foot or whenever the groomsmen and bridesmaids swap gender roles for pictures. For those that think a funny photo shoot is too much to squeeze into the space of time on the wedding day and want to focus on the more traditional pictures, there are some wonderful ‘save the date’ and engagement photos that would work as well.

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Rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal dinners are historically where a lot of the funny stuff happens. It’s a great time because it includes treasured guests, family and the wedding party. It’s the home of pre-wedding roasts, embarrassing slide presentations and revealing speeches. You have a captive audience. They are fed, the are drinking, they will sit their while you try to sell them timesharesuse this! Get creative. Play a practical joke by giving them a long list of outlandish rules for the wedding day. Things like “only refer to the bride as Princess Sparklepants” or tell them they are required to bring their own straws to the wedding, but don’t give them any further explanation. Have fun. You are about to get marriedwhere the fun stops forever. (see what I did there – I’m completely kidding).

Signage and Programs

I have seen a lot of normal wedding signage funnied up a bit (it’s totally a word). One that I thought was great, was a departure from a traditional wedding program. You could really have fun with this. Put random facts about the wedding partyreally random. Things like “Jake, the best man, cries when he listens to opera music.” You can put stories, pictures or even crossword puzzles in your program. Why not? The guests will enjoy reading about your bridal party and it will make them pay extra attention to your wedding to see what else you have up your sleeve.

There are so many ways to combine tradition, cleverness and humor into your wedding. You are only limited to your own bravery. This day does not have to be completely serious. The humor you add might even help to ease the stress you are feeling before your vows.

P.S. I’m aware that Mambo Number Five was, at least, briefly in your head while reading this article. I’m not really that sorry.

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