Four Offbeat Wedding Ideas – Go Bold

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Go Back in Time

It’s one thing to go vintage.  It’s another to go full on reenactment for your wedding day.  But if history is your thing, pick a time period and go wild with ideas. Maybe you are a Civil War buff and want to Virginia Reel yourself down the aisle Scarlett O’Hara style, curtains and all.  Or maybe you and your fiancé love all things medieval and would like to pay homage to the Renaissance by toasting with your turkey legs at the reception.  For the history lover, this type of wedding can be so much fun to plan.  From authentic costumes to a sampling of the food of the time, you’ll guests will enjoy taking a step back in time to celebrate with you on this special day.  The possibilities and time periods are limitless and while not everyone will necessarily “understand” why you would want this type of wedding – well, who cares, right?  Off with their heads.

Honor your Obsession

Are you the biggest Disney fan on the planet?  Do you think Georgia is the greatest college football team of all time (my husband says the answer to this is yes)? Do you have every Lego set ever made (If so, my son would like to come over)? Embrace your obsession.  Whether you want to subtly work college hues into your color scheme or have Mickey Mouse marry you, this is a fun way to show off your personality.  Sit down before the planning begins and write down every possible wedding idea involving your obsession that you can think of (yes, some of them might be a little nutty).  Then go from there.  Maybe you want to incorporate Disney’s tradition of “Hidden Mickeys” into your day.  Perhaps a Bulldog grooms cake is appropriate.  Lego centerpieces, anyone? Maybe you want all of your wedding vows taken directly from the movie Scarface.  I’m not judging…I swear.

Occupational Weddings

I know of two dancers who got married onstage during intermission at the Nutcracker.  The audience members were their guests, the other dancers helped with the ceremony and their costumes served as their wedding attire.  It fit. They loved it.  Do you have an occupation that defines you?  Are you and your fiancé window washers who want to get married on the side of a building (unfortunately, due to my crippling fear of heights, I will be unable to attend)?  Are you a doctor?  A teacher? An occupational wedding seems like a fitting way for two people who have the same job to get hitched but you don’t necessarily have to have the same job.  Is there some fun way to pay homage to your life’s work as you marry your life’s partner?

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Spotlight your hobby

I’ve heard it said that, “opposites attract but having similar interests is like cash in the bank.” As I look at this quote, I feel like I’m paraphrasing but you get what I mean.  It’s amazing that you and your partner have a hobby in common.  A wedding is a fantastic time to celebrate that similar interest.  So go ahead and get married while balancing on a rolling log at the lumberjack festival.  Nature lover?  Find a beautiful spot to hike to and get married at sunset. Do you both enjoy boating? Travel? Cooking? Golfing?  Find something that both of you have in common and find a unique way to delight your guests by incorporating it into your wedding.

You do not have to tie yourself down to a traditional wedding if it’s not you.  Weddings are a sacred time of commitment but should also be a reflection of who you are and the things that you hold dear.  So the sky is the limit (oooh, a wedding in the sky maybe)! Go forth, take inventory and be creative and bold!

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