D’laine and Matt’s adorable engagement session by Studio Eleven Photography

D’laine and Matt’s adorable engagement session took place in historic Oakville, Texas. Their laid back personalities combined with the vintage scenery flawlessly. The afternoon was filled with amazing music as Matt brought out his guitar and kept us all entertained as we moved from spot to spot in this cute southern setting. I loved the combination of vintage and modern, as well as country and edgy rock styles the pair brought to the mix. As overhead sun gave way to the golden haze of dusk approaching, their romance was so visible and sweet. We all had so much fun and, when Matt started playing one of my favorite songs while D’laine sat there looking absolutely stunning in the feather headband, this engagement session quickly became one of my favorites of all time!

We love two bright lights

Photographer:  Studio Eleven Photography
Location: Historical Oakville

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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