Color Spotlight: Coral only wants to flatter you

When in color scheme doubt, go with coral.  Seriously, there is a reason that this not-quite-orange yet not-quite-pink color has been infused into so many weddings of late.

It’s such a versatile color. From beach weddings to shabby chic motifs, this color can do it all.  Don’t believe me? Of course you believe mewhy wouldn’t you?

Go to Pinterest and type in any combination of “coral” and “weddings”.  As soon as you hit enter, you will be in love. Your fingers will itch to pin everything you see.

I am always amazed at how coral can do it all.

It really is like the duct tape of the color world. Don’t you think?

Good I’m glad you are going with me on this.  Here are three great coral touches to your wedding.

Southern Wedding News: Color Spotlight Coral Ashe Greenwood by Bryce Lafoon Photography


Coral comes in a variety of shades.  You may choose to dress your “maids” in multiple hues of coral or pick one shade and pair it with a turquoise sash. Classy and fun, your bridesmaids will be the perfect combination of bright and elegant.  Present your procession with matching coral and turquoise necklaces as a gorgeous finishing touch.  Coral looks great with blues, greys and sea foam. Look through home decorating magazines and websites and pick a palate that combines coral with two or three other colors and use this as your inspiration.

Southern Wedding News: Color Spotlight  Coral Ashe Greenwood by Bryce Lafoon Photography

Flower arrangements

I love bridal flower arrangements for the simple reason that it’s the best place to display a lot of colors in one place.  So whether you decide to go bright and make coral one of your more toned down accent colors or you make it the jewel amid layers of cream and light sage, your flowers will be sure to stand out.  From the cake to the centerpieces to the arrangements, the flowers are a great place to boldly display your entire color palate.


Have you seen the coral and grey wedding invitations? Shut up! It makes me want to have an event, JUST to have an invitation JUST so I can make them grey and coral with maybe some navy detailing. If you are okay (just breathe) and brave (you can do this) you COULD ditch the classic ivory wedding invitations and go this route, or if you “aren’t there yet” you can (politely) throw out this scheme for a shower being hosted for you or use it to ask your girlfriends if they will be in your wedding.

For a long time coral has been thought of as a beach colorwhich isn’t the worst reputation to have, but it wants you to know that it’s so much more than that (yes, coral has wants). The color can be bold or a bit muted and screams summer and spring while staying clear of being considered a pastel color.  I have issues with pastelsits stems back from Miami Vice and no I don’t want to talk about it.

So if you are not sure what shades you want to incorporate into your big day, I say you make friends with your friend coral because all she wants to do is flatter you.

We love two bright lights

Photographer: Bryce Lafoon Photography
Officiant: Beach People Weddings
Caterer: Purple Onion Cafe

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