Meg & Mitchell | Destination Wedding at Jekyll Island, Georgia

The weekend for this couple was a gift. We had been having extreme winter weather in February, snow after freezing rain, and since Meg and Mitch really wanted not only their wedding but their rehearsal dinner to have an outdoor component, we all had our fingers crossed.

Well, the weekend could not have been more beautiful. Yes, there were a few heaters needed outside, but other than that, it was glorious. Besides, Jekyll Island is meant to be enjoyed….indoors and out. Love the colors the bride chose and the simplicity of the entire event.

The Jekyll Island Club provided the food, the band was comprised of old friends of the groom’s dad, and the handmade wooden tables used for the rehearsal dinner were stunning.

The couple met on a blind date (that turned out well obviously!) and dated long distance, driving back and forth between Savannah and Athens until they were officially engaged.

The couple settled on a destination wedding as a way to keep the event manageable and allow everyone the freedom to come and stay for several days together. Jekyll Island provided the perfect blend of charm, intimacy and that destination feel. Their choice of blue and white was influenced by the location and the fact that those colors are classic. A beautiful watercolor print of the cottage they had their reception in was their ‘sign in’ book.

The honeymoon destination was a surprise to the bride. She was only told it was warm so she could pack appropriately. Their final destination, Riviera Maya, Mexico, was perfect! They had a chance to rest and relax, very much appreciated after all the planning. And the fact that they didn’t leave the day after the wedding, but waited a day worked well, too. Gave them a chance to collect their thoughts and their things and say good bye in a more relaxed manner.

We love two bright lights

Photography by ZoomWorks
Makeup Artist by ZoomWorks
Wedding Flowers by Edward on Saint Simons
Wedding Venue:  Cherokee Cottage at Jekyll Island Club Hotel
Band: Dirk Howell Band

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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