Just Go With It…


You’ve dreamed, you’ve planned, you’ve pinned your little heart out.  You’ve cried, you’ve compromised, you’ve vented over a few hundred glasses of wine to your girlfriends.

Now the big day is here.

It’s time to fret, to obsess, to worry about every little detail…

Or is it?

Today is the day you’ve dreamed about for so longbut not because when you were five you wanted a mixologist.  You didn’t make Ken and Barbie take their vows a million times so they could go to their reception and enjoy the centerpieces. Those little girl visions were not about lighting, or favors or bachelorette parties.

That little girl was envisioning her, “happily ever after.”

Of course she was dreaming about her dressbut mostly it was about finding the one she would spend the rest of her life with.

So when you wake up on the morning of your wedding day and you feel yourself becoming a ball of anxiety, stop.  Stop what you are doing and focus on what the day really means.  What does the day really symbolize?

Because I can promise you that at least one thing is not going to go as planned.

How do I know?

Oh well, maybe because on my wedding day the wedding cake looked nothing like what I had ordered.

But the cake was not why I was there.

Or how I hugged my grandfather and told him how dashing he looked in his powder blue suit after we told all the men to wear dark suits.

Because he did look dashing and the color of his suit wasn’t the least bit important no matter how much it would “throw off” the pictures.

I admit that it was rather unfortunate that my husband blanked on my dad’s name in the middle of our toast, but hey, ten years later and he definitely has it down.

We found this more funny than upsetting. It was our first marriage inside joke.

Also, I had not made room in my wedding day schedule to take the time to explain to all of our guests that when the minister said, “the little blessing on its way,” he did not mean that I was pregnant.

This one actually frazzled my mother the most and I could see her leaning forward during the ceremony in an attempt to set the record straight.

I tell you all of that, to tell you this.

Yes, your wedding day is a labor of love. You have planned every inch of that ceremony to be meaningful and special and a reflection of you and your spouse, and pulling it all off is very important.  It took time, money and a whole lot of orchestrating.

It would be devastating for something to go wrong.

But something most likely will happen that wasn’t planned.

It could be as simple as a last minute run for safety pins or something more complicated like a torrential downpour.

But it’s out of your control.

This is your wedding day. No matter what happens, just go with it.

Just. Go. With. It.

Walk down that aisle, into the arms of the person you chose and look lovingly into his eyes. Drink in the love you feel from your friends and family.  Take note of how it feels to have him lovingly slip that ring on your finger and vow to love you for forever.  You found each other.

Forget the hiccups.

Forget the drama.

Forget it alljust absorb the parts that you will one day want to remember.

Don’t miss your own wedding because you were bogged down in the details of all the things that ultimately don’t matter.

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