The Honeymoon Games


No it’s not an arena where married couples play to the death…it’s a just a way to inject a little offbeat fun into your post wedding vacay.  Some couples, are beach couples. They want to leave their wedding and go lie on a beach with a fruity drink and gaze into each other’s eyes undisturbed all week.  That’s cool.  I’m not judging. This is not me and my husband. We like to get out and explore a new place, tour museums and try new restaurants. We especially love to laugh.  I have come up with a few ideas on how to kick up the fun on your honeymoon.  Feel free to use these ideas whenever you travel…even better, choose a honeymoon hashtag and let others follow you on your adventures.

Worst Souvenir Contest

Every time my husband and I go anywhere on a trip, we play this game.  It originated on our honeymoon in San Francisco. Someone came up with the idea (I can’t remember who) to take $20 and find the worst souvenir that Chinatown had to offer. We had a blast running into shops, starting on opposite ends and meeting somewhere in the middle with our worst souvenir contenders.  For us, it was fairly quick to decide the blinking light-up Jesus was going to be our winner. We went one better and displayed it at a dinner we held for both sets of parents a few weeks later. It was fun to place it in a conspicuous location (it’s a light up Jesus, it was pretty conspicuous anyway) and didn’t comment on it to anyone.  It was really fun to see it catch their eyes when they first came walked into our apartment. Who knows, your worst souvenir winner could start one of your first family traditions.

Photo Album Remix

This is pretty fun but requires some prep work.  Make a list or find a list of different pictures you want to take. This can be a general list like, “picture with a restaurant server” or location specific “picture on the Empire State Building”.  If you like an added element of hilarity/danger/insanity, you can get VERY specific and assign challenges like, “reenact Jack/Rose flying pose from Titanic on the top of the Empire State Building.”

Work it into the Conversation

I’ll be honest with you. This is one of my favorite games. I’ve been known to play this one with coworkers making sales calls or on social media. You assign a word or phrase to someone and they have to work it into the sentence and make it sound normal. Normal is the key word. No cheating. The phrase has to “work” into the sentence. Assign point scores to this challenge and allow the winner to pick the restaurant that night. Some classics I love:  “Aleutian Islands”, “rhubarb”, “studies show…” and “that’s how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air.” That last one is like “golden snitch”, you get a lot of points if you can make Fresh Prince lyrics sound like they belong in a sentence. This game can get hilarious, but make sure that whomever you are talking to doesn’t think you are laughing at them.

Newlyweds collect things on their honeymoon

Honeymoons are a wonderful chance to relax, have fun and spend time with the one your love.  But if you feel your honeymoon getting a little boring or you just want to add a little bit of fun, try adding one of these games into stay!.

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