Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Stressed bride.

Basically, you’ve been planning your wedding since birth. And now that the season of your life has finally arrived, you are free to bring that overflowing notebook out from it’s hiding place under your bed, unhide that full-to-the-brim Pinterest board and start planning.  As you peruse all of the inspiration and touches you’ve saved over the…ahem…years…you find yourself being overwhelmed with too many things to incorporate into your wedding.  From a catchy sign to hang outside of the reception to those 200 personalized favors…the ideas are endless.  There are specific poses for the photographer, mason jar lanterns, poems you want recited, baskets of flip flops for the guests to dance in, rustic drink coolers and so forth.  How will you fit it all in, much less remember it the day of the wedding?

Here are some practical guidelines to keep you from getting too overwhelmed.

Group things into categories.

While it seems like there are a gazillion wedding touches to consider, there are only a few main categories and most touches can fall under one of those.  So take all of your individual ideas and group them.  You want your ring bearer to carry a cute “here she comes,” sign?  Put that idea under “wedding party.”  Want a chalkboard backdrop in your photos?  You guessed it, put it under “photography.” I know this may seem like common sense, but the benefit of breaking them up helps you to look at each aspect of your wedding as a grouping. And considering each group one at a time rather than trying to look at the big picture all the time can help reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed.  Tackle the details of your wedding in chunks and find that it will be easier to stay focused and on budget.


This is key to weddings these days.  So many brides make the mistake of having “day of” to-do lists that just leave them feeling rushed and stressed out on a day that they should be savoring.  This is why I highly recommend a wedding planner.  They really are worth the investment.  They will have a better handle on your wedding than you will and you will get to enjoy your day start to finish knowing that all of the details are being handled.  If a wedding planner simply is NOT in your budget…find some trusted friends to delegate your “day of” list.  You are not going to have time to make sure the tea light candles are lit on the centerpieces, nor will you be there to remind the caterer that your Aunt Marge is allergic to pine nuts.  Make sure you pick someone who is trustworthy, dependable and just Type A enough.

Don’t try to do it all

Look, there are so many fabulous touches.  Some days I want to get remarried to my husband ten more times to fit in all the disgustingly adorable ideas floating out there.  But let’s get our heads back into what’s important.  This day is momentous, not for the rustic décor or the eclectic favors, but for the fact that it’s a day of commitment.  It is a day when your friends and family celebrate that commitment with you, and because that is what the day is, you simply don’t need to do it all.  Maybe you can narrow your 116 pins down to your 15 favorite and go from there. Too many touches and details can get overwhelming and could cause your resources to be spread too thin.  Pick a few ideas that you love almost as much as your groom and make them stand out.

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