Dare to Ditch the White

Reese decided blush would best commemorate her second marriage.

Kaley took the plunge in bold pink.

Ellen Pompeo wore a black cocktail dress in her intimate ceremony.

Jessica became Mrs. Timberlake without donning the traditional white.

All of these women are fabulous.

And you are fabulous too, if you decide to ditch the white for your special day.

I know. I know.

Bucking the traditional white dress on your wedding day might raise some eyebrows.  There could be some objections.  What would your grandmother say (God rest her soul)?  How will your mom explain this to her book club?

What does not wearing white say about you?

Vintage dresses

Oh girl, just do it.

If Pinterest has taught us anything, it’s that the most important thing about your wedding is that it reflects you and your groom.  I mean, I’m hoping Pinterest has taught us that.  Secretly, I’m just hoping that my hours on Pinterest, ignoring life, have taught me something.

True, as little girls, we all dreamed of the perfect white fairy tale wedding gown.  It’s an old tradition and it’s a little bit expected.

But maybe that just isn’t you anymore.

Maybe circumstances are different now.

It could be that this ISN’T your first wedding and you want it all to be different, fresh and to reflect the woman who has overcome so much to be where she is today.

Or perhaps this is your first marriage, and…

You are getting married on a beach and you can’t get the color coral out of your head.

Or you dream about pairing a short pink dress with your favorite cowboy boots at your fabulous rustic, barn wedding.

Perhaps as you were strolling down the streets of Paris one afternoon (like you do), the heavens opened up and a beam of sunlight landed on the most gorgeous crimson dress you have ever seen.

But in the back of your mind, the girl that likes to play it safe talks herself out of these fabulous options…because she worries about what everyone else will think or feel.

Here’s what you do.

You rock the coral.

You be true to your boots.

And well, when the heavens open up, you better wear the crimson.

The truth is…it will be lovely and special.

No one will roll over in a grave, and if they did, honestly HOW would we know?

Doubts and skeptics will hush when they see your confident determination.

And on your wedding day, that wonderful mother of yours will only see the beautiful and confident young woman she raised, walk down that aisle determined to be herself and she will be nothing but proud.

So I challenge you to go boldly down that aisle in your non-white dress, young lady!

Blond beautiful luxury woman in wedding dress
  • One of our brides wore a beautiful chocolate brown dress for a fall wedding. It wasn’t her first wedding though. I think even if brides decide to wear a white dress, a splash of color like a ribbon around the waist is a nice touch.

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