Are Your Memories Safe?

Last night as I rushed to Starbucks to meet with a prospect clients for their upcoming wedding. I arrived few minutes early to order myself a frappuccino, I know all the calories but it’s just too good to pass up. I prepare myself as a journalist going through my to do list in my mind. I didn’t jot it down on a notebook like I should.  Eric and Michael with Eric & Michael Photography (One of Southern Bridal’s sponsors) arrived few moments later and we began to chat away. Then the bride and groom showed up. As we chatted the night away about their upcoming wedding, they were so excited showing us all Pinterest pictures of what they would like to have.


Michael leaned forward and politely asked the bride to put her iPad away and asked her exactly what she would like for her wedding. The first thing she said was, “I would like to have all images burned on DVD…” Michael began to shake his head “Noooo”, he said. “Huh?!” said the bride.

Michael apologized for interrupting and said, “We want what’s best for you. To be honest, burning images on CD or DVD is now a thing of the past.” Eric then jumped in and said, “He’s right. We’ve burned images on CD or DVD but what good are they? They get lost, scratched, hidden in a drawer somewhere. Plus, in the near future, there won’t be any CD’s or DVD’s made anymore.”

“But, but… all my friends and family got their wedding images on CD or DVD.” said the bride.

I began to wonder about my wedding pictures. I started to think about where it is. I moved two years ago and now I couldn’t remember where it is. My heart began to beat faster and faster. I literally had to check my pulse. My face turned pale.

They all looked at me and asked if I’m ok. I confessed to them that I believe I’ve lost my wedding pictures.

Michael then said, “Oh, no I hope you will find it and once you find it, please give it to me. We will transfer it to flash drive and put it up on our cloud server.”

Michael explained, “As an IT technician for over ten years I’ve seen it all. The best solution is to put it on flash drive and on cloud server. I’ve built 560 TB host and plan to expand it even more.”


The groom asked, “560 TB?! Isn’t it a lot?”

“Yep!” said Michael. “Think about it. What if your wedding pictures on flash drive or DVD get lost. Maybe in the move to new home. Or maybe your house burns down or an act of Nature that destroys everything. Worry not! All your wedding pictures will be on our cloud server and you can get a replacement for a nominal fee. All images will be stored on our cloud server for a long time.” Then he added, “But it’s only digital files. It still gets put away in drawer, or maybe saved as screen saver or uploaded to your Facebook page. But what good is that? It’s great to have an album as well. It tells your story…your love story.” They even have online albums so they can show their wedding pictures to their friends and family using their smart phone or tablets.  And it’s password protected!

After a couple of  hours of chatting and making plans. The bride and groom left fully confident that they made the right choose by choosing Eric and Michael.

I rushed back home to look for my wedding pictures. I was able to find them. after about fifteen minutes.  After opening the DVD case my heart dropped. There were scratches on it. I brought it in with me this morning to my office. I anxiously waited for Michael to arrive.  When he arrived I gave him my DVD without saying, “Good morning” like I normally do!

After couple of hours, Michael came back to me with a flash drive and smiled, “all your images are on cloud server as well.”  That was an enormous sense of relief.

Funny thing, Michael came back to me and showed me this link… This Year will be the end of the disc burning era on FStoppers.

Do yourself a favor.  Ask your photographer to end the disc burning and start putting your wedding images on a flash drive.  Then make sure you make some back ups and put it on your cloud server, too. Or, you can ask Eric & Michael to be your photographers and you will be assured your pictures will be saved for years to come!

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