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Dear Becky,

Let us first start by saying that You and Otis have raised three beautiful daughters. In the short time we have known them, they’ve become our family. We’ve established a bond with your girls unlike any we’ve shared in the past. Jodie, Kaylee and Sarah have changed our lives. They’ve shown us what true resilience is. They’ve shown us what really matters. Your daughters have given us the gift of perspective.

Some may call us crazy for agreeing to document 3 weddings at the same time and that’s OK. We consider ourselves as fortunate and honored to do so. We were so grateful your girls invited us into the most important day of their lives. Not only were they saying “I do” to the men of their dreams, but they were able to have you there to witness it.

When we were approached about their weddings, we were in the middle of a schedule that was ready to burst at the seams. We moved things around and pulled in help where we needed it. Your daughters became a huge priority for us. All of the struggles we faced that month were absolutely worth it. We’d do it again in a heartbeat. If we never got paid a single dollar for the rest of our time as wedding photographers, we’d be fine with that. Of course we did this for your girls, but we also did it for us. We did this for all of the people we have lost in our lives; our relatives, our friends, even people we don’t know. We did this for everyone uncomfortable with the subject of cancer; those who are so uncomfortable and fearful with it that they ignore the topic until it’s too late. We did this for those struggling and those who have conquered. We did this for everyone.

Once again, Jodie, Kaylee, and Sarah gave us far more than we could ever give them. Perspective has changed our lives.

You’ve left your mark with these beautiful girls; You’ve left your mark on us. Way to go and thank you Becky.

Peggy, Amanda,Damian and our wonderful assistant Keri
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