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Being a bride can be one of the most amazing times in your life and it can also be an emotional roller coaster. Brides are faced with months of planning and tons of organizing. You have to sort through a million options. It’s the brides job to taste things, try on things, pick colors, styles, amounts…

You have to make sure your guests are happy and at the same time try and throw an amazing party. You don’t want to be a bridezilla.

On the wedding day I have acted as moral support for many brides. I try to be calm in the chaos. I am the photographer, but I want everyone (especially the bride) to feel comfortable.

So while you are rushing and planning and selecting and searching – remember these things:

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Take a minute to yourself

Planning can consume your life. You wedding is important , but you as the bride are more important. Take a night off to think. Do something you love but haven’t done in a long time. Turn off your phone and have some me time. Unwind and put the planning off until tomorrow. You are the bride and you deserve a day to yourself.

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Is this what you really want

Of course I’m not talking about your Husband to be. I’m talking about the details. Those centerpieces or that bracelet that your aunt really wants you to wear. These may seem like minor things, but 15 minor things you don’t want will be a few major things later. Plan how YOU want. Being the bride means you get the final say. You should have the flowers you want, the songs you want, and invite the people you want. If you want to wear blue shoes -wear the blue shoes! You will never look back at your wedding and think I’m so glad I didn’t get those amazing shoes.

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On your wedding day everything will be chaos. Even when you have a time line it seems like something goes wrong. People will be asking you a thousand questions and you will probably forget to eat. Don’t forget to eat. It’s perfectly fine to take a moment to breath. Brides plan for months and months for a day that is totally centered around them. This isn’t a bad thing, but you don’t need the extra stress. It’s always good to have a quiet moment during the day to reflect and take a few deep breaths.

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Enjoy the moment

Weddings always seem like they take years to plan and then just fly by. This is your day. You did everything a bride should do and now you are married. Eat the cake and smell your flowers. Listen to every speech and dance like nobody’s watching. Take time to enjoy your wedding.

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