Will you be my bridesmaid?

Having fun in bridal Boutique

When I got married, I had one attendant.  I asked my sister to be my maid of honor, told her to pick out a dress and just let me know what color it was.

I realize this is not the norm.  As a bride, I was kind of a minimalist.  Well, that’s what my budget required me to be.

Back in the olden days, in a time before Pinterest (it was a dark, dark time that I don’t like to think about) asking someone to be in your wedding was done over the phone or was a simple question shortly following the oohs and aahs of admiring a newly acquired diamond ring.

It was very uncomplicated

These days, it’s complicated.

But man, I sure like it a whole lot more.

Everything trending in the bridesmaid department currently points toward incredibly heartfelt and considerate brides communicating their desire for the support of their best friends.  It’s not just the request for a warm body to stand in a dress and even out the numbers in a church covered in “Blush and Bashful” (excuse the Steel Magnolias reference). It’s a truly meaningful gesture meant to convey the level of the bride’s friendship with her best girlfriends.  I love the lengths the brides are going to for their bridal party.

Brides are “popping the question” in all sorts of touching and fun ways.

Here are a few great ways to engage your maids!

Wedding celebration

Host a dinner party in their honor.

Before the craziness of wedding planning begins, have your best girlfriends over for a girls’ night.  Plan a make-your-own-salad-bar with some yummy bread and ask them to help you get married over a Champagne toast.  Another idea is to put personalized treat boxes at each seat with some fun gifts or memories inside with a card asking them to be in your wedding.  To top it off, include small planners for each of the girls so you can chat details over dessert.

Collage the question.

Most likely you have some cherished memories with the ladies you want to have in your wedding party.  Taking the time to scrapbook a personal card with some of your girlfriend highlights is not only a touching way to ask, but it is also a great walk down memory lane to see how much you have been through together. Hate scrapbooking?  Find the earliest picture of the two of you in existence and make a card using Snapfish or Shutterfly for each of your bridesmaids-to-be.

Ask it with jewelry.

You got jewelry with your big question so why not shower your potential bridesmaids with a sweet necklace or bracelet along with a request for them to be in your wedding?  It’s a thoughtful touch and is something your friends will cherish for years to come.

Personalize it! 

There are some adorable labels out there that you can use or create your own.  Stick it on a bar of chocolate or, better yet, a bottle of wine.  Present the gift to your bridesmaid with a touching card about how much she means to you and why you want her in your wedding.

Bridesmaids are a living timeline of your life as a single lady.  They have been there for you through the string of boyfriends and bad breakups always ready to help you pick up the pieces and move forward.  It is only fitting that they be there with you as you embark on your “ever after.” So make sure you put some thought into how and when you “pop the question”.

Now it’s my turn to “pop the question.” Will you…head on over to our Pinterest page and check out my bridesmaids pins?  Pretty please!

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