A Very Merry Wedding to You!

Christmas wedding proposal

Have you ever considered a Christmas wedding?

I know it is not the most popular time to get married and there are some hurtles to overcome in the process. Christmas is, after all, an incredibly busy month for everyone.

I have been to three winter weddings in my whole life and only one of those was considered to be a Christmas-themed wedding.

It was breathtaking.

There is something magical about being a Christmas bride.  I picture white fur collars, halls decked out in deep reds and greens and a gorgeous horse-drawn winter sleigh beautifully adorned with silver bows and sleigh bells that tinkle at the slightest movement.

It makes me want to cheat on my stifling July wedding that took place over nine years ago and get married all over again.

Honestly, I would never forsake my small July wedding…and well, I live in Georgia, where I have never needed a sleigh and wouldn’t know where to find one if I did.

But it’s a lovely picture.

If you approach a Christmas wedding with the understanding that it has it’s own unique challenges that must be acknowledged and dealt then I know you can have your own breathtaking Yuletide wedding of your dreams.

Christmas is a busy time of year.  Most people hit Thanksgiving, and run full speed ahead until they ring in the New Year, after which they collapse for a few days before running to sign up at their local gyms

I mean, I’m guessing…I personally have never joined a gym in January due to guilt from holiday overindulging (guiltily looking at the ceiling and whistling while hiding oversized yoga pants behind back).

First thing you should do if you are planning to make December your future anniversary month, as with any date you are looking at for your wedding, is check with your family.  Be sensitive.  See if it’s feasible to plan it at a time when those you really want to be there can truly be there for you.

Evaluate your bridesmaids’ situations and your own expectations of their availability.  They will, no doubt, be juggling office parties and commitments of their own.

If you find that the support is overwhelmingly in favor of it, then go for it!

In terms of your guest list, the reality is that it just might be hard to get the same kind of attendance at your Christmas wedding that you might get at a wedding any other time of year.  This may not always hold true, but you have to understand that December calendars can fill up quickly and while people may really want to be there, they just may have scheduling conflicts.

Second, you need to know that you are going to be busy the month of December.  Your Christmas may look very different.  You may not get that Christmas wreath up on your own door.  There may be no annual “wrap gifts and drink wine” night at your house that year.  (But if you DO manage to pull it off, I totally want to be invited for that).

When I found out that I would be having my first child in late November, before Thanksgiving, I was so excited to have a Hallmark channel style Thanksgiving with my newborn.  My holiday would look the same as it had every year before, only better, because I’d be cuddling a beautiful baby in my arms.  I was going to make those Pilgrims proud.

What a silly, silly girl I was.

My first Thanksgiving as a mom was spent walking the halls with a screaming, colicky baby while my husband walked the aisles of Kroger buying every baby product known to man that promised to stop babies from crying and some that promised to stop us from caring.  The beautiful holiday ended with us arguing over whether the fact that the baby was crying was a good enough reason to go to the ER.

I was disappointed that my expectations were blown rather than going easy on myself.  So go easy on yourself.  You might be taking down your cornucopia door decoration in January.

And the neighbors might be judging you a little.

So keep your normal Christmas tradition expectations in check.  You don’t want to spend your wedding season beating yourself up because you didn’t get your Nativity yard inflatables up.

Christmas is a magical holiday that’s about being with the ones you love.  It is not a stretch to see why someone would want to also make it the time when they look into the eyes of the one they choose forever and take their vows.  So if you are considering a Christmas wedding and you are willing to approach it realistically, I say, “go for it.”

Make sure to get a great kissing picture under the mistletoe!

If you are having a Silent Night, why don’t you Jingle Bell Rock on over to our Pinterest board so you can see that It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas because I pinned some great Holly Jolly Christmas wedding ideas.

(See what I did there).

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