Please Don’t Stop the Music: Advice on hiring entertainment for your wedding

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So, you are buried in the details of planning your upcoming wedding.

When it comes to the ceremony, the decisions usually boil down to one question, “what do you and your husband-to-be want?”

This question gets a little tougher when you begin to plan the reception.  While this event is a reflection of you and your groom…it’s also where you take your guests under closer consideration.  There are food choices to make. Doesn’t Aunt Hazel have a seafood allergy? You have to make critical seating assignment decisions. Didn’t Ricky and Sue have a bad breakup? Then there is, of course, the most crucial component to your reception success.  What shall we do about entertainment?

Now, unless you get married regularly (and I’m not judging), this is probably one of the few, if not only, times you will be required to interview and hire an entertainment company.

Macon Nite Life

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Don’t mess this up.


But seriously, don’t.

There are so many state-of-the-art options when it comes to entertainment that it can be a bit overwhelming. First things first…what are you looking for? Do you go with live music?  Do you hire a DJ? Should you hire the world’s greatest Polka Band because your Uncle Martin will love it? Do you give your cousin’s boyfriend a platform to build his DJ business? Is someone in your family deathly afraid of tubas?

Narrowing down what you want is crucial before you embark on the search for a company that will provide the top-notch service you want.  But once you do, how do you find a great vendor that will meet your needs?  What are the red flags to look for when hiring someone?

I recently interviewed Lindsay Higgins to get her expertise on hiring entertainment for a wedding reception.  Lindsay and her husband, Brandon, run Macon Nite Life, an entertainment company he started.  They are award winning, highly respected and very sought after.

They stay on top of all the latest trends in entertainment and you will be hard pressed to find a service they don’t offer for your event.  Plus, they are newlyweds themselves and so they KNOW what you are going through.

What should a bride and groom look for in an entertainment company?

We feel that the most important thing a bride and groom can look for is a vendor who is willing to spend as much time as they desire prior to the big day discussing every detail of the reception.  It is important to hire a company who is willing to take the time to see the brides vision, and not only see it, but make it their personal mission to bring it to life.  Every song for the introductions, first dance, mother/son dance, and father/daughter dance should be discussed.  Some couples may not want to dance for the entirety of each song, or they may wish to include a slideshow to play at a certain time during the song.  If time is not spent beforehand discussing these intricate details special moments such as those can easily go from special to stressful.

Macon Nite Life

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What options are out there for reception entertainment these days?

When it comes to reception entertainment the options seem to be evolving constantly.  There was a time not so long ago that reception entertainment consisted of a DJ that played music, and that was the extent of it. Today, the options are constantly growing. Both live bands and disc jockeys provide entertainment at today’s weddings. Entertainment companies also can offer add on services or packages that include up lighting that can transform any space, floor and wall monogramming, video slide show productions, or even a photo booth to please the crowd.  

Macon Nite Life

Photography by Heather & Kenneth

Any tips for what brides and grooms should look for when talking with potential entertainment vendors?

Look for someone who is personable. Look for someone who has a wide range of musical knowledge spanning all genres and cultures. Look for state of the art sound equipment and microphones and good references from past brides. An informative website that is easy to navigate is also very useful. 

To hire Macon Nite Life for your next event, head over to our Vendor listing page for their contact information as well as other great vendors!

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