Three Different Ways to Throw a Wedding Shower

So, you are throwing a wedding shower and you need an idea to tie it together or just feel like you are giving the bride what she really needs.  There are so many fun and unique ways to throw a bridal shower these days.  Here are three great showers that any bride will deeply appreciate.

Couples Entertaining Shower

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A couples’ shower is a great option for the close friends of the bride and groom to throw, especially if they have a lot of couple friends that do things together.  A couples shower not only allows the groom to get involved, but give it a great theme like entertaining and you could fully arm the bride and groom with all of their future entertaining needs.  These gifts could include serving pieces, décor and even grill tools for the groom who likes to tailgate.

A couples’ shower has the potential to be a great get together of some of the bride and grooms closest friends.  It can be so much less formal than a regular wedding shower and could even be thrown in some unique locations like a bowling alley or incorporated into a game night.

Pampered Chef Shower

The Pampered Chef

I recently had the opportunity to Shelley Huber with Pampered Chef.  We were discussing how a Pampered Chef wedding shower worked and I have to admit that I think this is an amazing idea for the kitchen savvy bride.

At a Pampered Chef shower, the bride gets to make a registry of all the things she wants from their catalog.  Then, here’s my favorite part, the guests show up with no gifts, just their checkbooks.  This part was made for me because I am notorious about purchasing gifts fifteen minutes before the event and wrapping them in my car in the Target parking lot.  This should be called the-only-shower-Rachel-should-ever-be-invited-to shower.

The guests get to attend a fun and tasty food demonstration and then meet with the Pampered Chef representative to purchase something for the bride off of her wish list.

I know what you are thinking.  Isn’t everything with Pampered Chef expensive?

“No, actually 48% of our products are are $20 and under,” says Huber. Not only are their a range of price points, but, “The warranties on our products are some of the best in the industry,” she adds.

This is a great alternative to the traditional wedding shower.  Plus, the Pampered Chef rep helps you make the food during the party.  Win!

Stock a Room Shower

If you are having a more intimate shower, perhaps the guests could get together and stock an entire room of the couples’ house.  Unless you have a lot of guests, the kitchen might be tough one to tackle, but it wouldn’t take that many guests to complete say the brides and groom’s bathrooms with towels and bathroom décor.

A coordinated effort could also include purchasing some of the bigger items off the registry or even buying the bride’s china.

Offering to throw a shower for a couple just starting out is a very thoughtful and challenging thing to do.  No matter which route you go, your efforts will no doubt be met with deep gratitude from both the bride and the groom.

To host a Pampered Chef bridal shower with Shelley or find another one of our fabulous vendors, please check out our, “Find a Vendor” page.

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