Four Great Reasons to Take your Wedding to Paradise


This article is about destination weddings.

Here is a helpful quiz to see if you are the destination wedding type.

When you picture your wedding, are you standing on a beach? 


Do you live on a beach?


Do you live within a short drive of a beach?


Okay so…you probably get it. That would be a destination wedding of which you are dreaming.

Newly Married

Now if you, like me, love the thought of getting married somewhere different, but haven’t worn a bikini since the 2nd grade and don’t want to in front of all of your friends and family, then perhaps a mountain top wedding or an elegant vineyard exchanging of vows is more your style.

Whatever your tastes, destination weddings can take many different forms.  From the white beaches of Jamaica to the elegant vineyards of Napa, California a destination wedding gives the bride and groom the opportunity to dream huge for their big day.

Here are four great reasons why you may want to consider grabbing your guests and striking out on a destination wedding adventure.

With a destination wedding, you plan one event.  With traditional weddings, the bride and groom (well okay, mostly the bride) are planning the wedding, the reception AND the honeymoon.  Also, let’s not forget about the rehearsal dinner.  With a destination wedding, you streamline your planning into one big event.  If you choose an all-inclusive (and I think you should…and you should definitely add me to the guest list), there are industry experts employed by the resort to help you through the entire planning process.

“Most Caribbean resorts have a separate and extensive wedding department with experienced wedding planners specifically designated to help the bride and groom plan their dream wedding, explains Precious White with FoRP Travel, an Atlanta-based travel company. “You can choose from a set of wedding packages or customize a package to fit your specific dreams.”

With a destination, you are in neutral territory.  Let’s say you and your groom don’t live in the same state, or, more likely, your families are from totally different parts of the country. And maybe your groom’s New York family members are scoffing at the idea of coming to the South because (insert every Southern misconception known to man).

Whatever. We are fabulous. Their loss I say as I sip my sweet tea, eat a MoonPie and watch the kudzu grow at an alarming rate.

Anyway, A destination wedding is neutral ground. “Having a destination wedding provides a neutral spot to which everyone travels for your joyous occasion, says White.”  So what if Aunt Dot won’t stop complaining that she had to find someone to water her begonias while she attended your elegant vineyard wedding.  You’re at a vineyard.  Pour Aunt Dot another and try to focus on your big day.  Her begonias will be fine.

With a destination wedding, you get married in paradise.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are some beautiful churches out there.  There are gorgeous ceremonies that take place right around the corner from where you live.  I got married in a tiny church with a red door that looked like a little English Church.  I loved it.

There is no arguing though that a sunset wedding on the beach is just getting married in paradise and who doesn’t love paradise.  You will, no doubt, capture photos that are beautiful because of the meaningful commitment and the breathtaking views.  The best part about getting married in paradise is doing it with your closest friends and family.

Bride and groom on beach.

With a Destination wedding, the pressure is off to invite everyone you know.  Let’s be honest here.  You may not want to invite your fourth cousin twice removed your mom snuck onto the guest list.  You may not have the ability to invite all of your coworkers.  It is hard to navigate through your everyday life as a newly engaged woman sharing your Pinterest board of wedding plans with anyone who will listen knowing that you simply can’t ask everyone to attend.

This is why a destination wedding comes in handy.  Because there are more guest expenses involved in a destination wedding, they are usually smaller events.  It’s easier to say, “We’re having a small destination wedding,” rather than, “Um…uh…the thing is…see, what had happened was.”  It is definitely an answer that people will understand and accept without pushback, but more importantly, it’s less awkward for you to say to people.

Okay, so we touched on some compelling reasons to plan a destination wedding.  Did you get them?  You get to plan one event in a neutral location called paradise while not inviting everyone you’ve ever met.  I’m sold.

We’ve also heard from an industry expert in travel and that leaves really only one more question.  Why would you even need a travel agent when you could technically get online and book it yourself?

For the very same reason hiring a wedding planner is beneficial.  “The convenience of the internet has made everyone a “generalist travel agent” who thinks they know more than a travel specialist,” says White. “This worries me because travel is a very intricate process often made more confusing by the endless clutter of “deals” offered online. Without proper guidance and expertise there are many loopholes and pitfalls. Who needs that stress during a very special event like a destination wedding or honeymoon? Besides, it costs no more to have a travel agent in your corner if something does occur. They are industry experts and know exactly what to do and who to call.”

Now, if you’ll set your sights on the glamorous destination called, Pinterest, you can see all the places I’d like for you to have your destination wedding!  Let me know the dates so I can be sure to come. Bon Voyage!

Also, if you’d like to work with our vendor, FoRP travel to plan your fabulous destination wedding, you can mosey on over to our “find a vendor” page and get all the contact information you need as well as other travel experts in the Southeast.

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