Four Irresistible Wedding Ideas

The greatest thing about today’s weddings is that there are no hard and fast rules anymore.  Weddings have become a creative expression of the bride and groom rather than a one-size-fits-all ceremony lacking in personality.  And thanks to sites like Pinterest, and the plethora of adorable wedding ideas available, there have never been more creative ideas at a bride’s fingertips.

Here are four wedding ideas that I simply can’t resist.

Making the bridesmaids unique. 

From the dress to the shoes to the hair, bridesmaids have historically been a line-up of identically attired bride besties…and sometimes in a creepy way (just look at a photo from the early 80’s). These days many brides are opting for their “maids” to have some individuality. Some choose to alter the style of dress to fit certain body types while maintaining the same color and some even go bold and have their girls clad in entirely different dresses. My personal favorite trend in making these ladies unique is opting for different color flowers and shoes. Making the bridesmaids unique is a great idea to show the individuality of the women who are supporting you on your big day.  It also seriously reduces the risk of creepy.  Just trust me.

Choosing an alternative send off to throwing rice.

In the beginning, there was rice.  I’m not sure why.  I’m sure it began as a fertility blessing and that factoid may make some of you run screaming. Then, rice apparently made birds explode. I later read this isn’t really true. Whew. Most of the time, throwing tiny bits of anything in a venue is a cleaning issue and just simply not allowed.  But that’s okay because there are so many great ideas out there for a unique bride and groom send off that can be just as meaningful.

Everything from sparklers to wands to pinwheels can be placed around the reception for guests to properly say farewell as the bride and groom ride off into the sunset.  I like the personalized flags.  They can be an assortment of colors and have various well wishes for the bride and groom written on them.  This is also a great project for the bridesmaids to do if you intend to make them yourself.

Sparkler in hands on a party

Renting a photo booth for the reception.

Have you seen the latest in event photography?  Photo booths are fast becoming incredibly popular for all kinds of events.  When I got married, I placed a disposable camera on each of the tables at the reception. When I spent the money to get them developed…I had some of the most useless pictures known to man. Seriously, if you Google “most useless pictures known to man,” you will find 20 pictures of my 12-year-old cousin’s water glass.

A photo booth is a great way to get a ton of wonderful guest picture that you will love and they will love.  The best part is it is set-up and run by an attendant so you won’t have to worry if anyone is going rogue at your expense.

Apryl & Allan Wedding-1

“It is FUN!  Everybody LOVES photo booth!” says Mikey with Photo booth Atlanta. ”Photo Booth provides a great wedding/event favor for everyone to take home or to upload to their social media. It’s something to be sure to make memories not long forgotten!”

There are a few different routes you can take with a photo booth.  One is to provide photo booth props.  People can get in the “booth” with faux mustaches and lips, accented with boas and hats.  Another option, and my personal favorite, is setting up your photo booth red carpet style.  Let your guests come to the wedding reception in style, pose for pictures in front of a personalized back drop and feel like VIP at your big day.

red carpet event-1 copy

Being thoughtful.

From a basket of fluffy socks for your dancing guests to a table containing sunglasses to cut the glare at your outdoor wedding, being thoughtful is never out of style.  I love when the bride and groom think through their wedding day as a guest.  Having an outdoor wedding on a muggy day?  A fan in each chair is a thoughtful touch for your guests.

Another great opportunity to be thoughtful is at your destination wedding.  A welcome bag full of vacation must-haves such as suntan lotion, flip flops and sunglasses for your beach wedding for example is a great way to show your guests how much you appreciate their attendance…and care about lowering their risk for skin cancer.

Bag with towels, sunglasses, hat and beach items

I love attending weddings that are infused with touches unique to the personality and tastes of the bride and groom.  These four wedding ideas happen to be my personal favorite.  Now, I encourage you to find your favorites and incorporate your style and personality into your own special day.  Have fun!

So this article is over and you’re probably feeling a little sad and depressed. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be over between us.  You can head on over to our Atlanta Wedding News Pinterest page and see some awesome examples of the four wedding ideas that I pinned. It will be like you never left!  See you over there!

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