Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planner

It’s been a few years, but perhaps we all remember a little J-Lo flick, called The Wedding Planner.  It was a magical movie about a matrimonial fairy godmother whose repertoire of magical powers included everything from reviving and refreshing the drunken FOB (Father of the Bride) to giving a frustrated bridesmaid a larger cup size using only a clothespin.

And perhaps as you ate your brown M&M’s and swooned over Matthew McConaughey you thought to yourself, “Must be nice to afford such a luxury.”  I’m referring to the wedding planner, not Matthew McConaughey.

Many people erroneously view a wedding planner as an optional extravagance reserved only for those few, lucky people who have their dream budget with which to work.

“Many people look at hiring a wedding planner as a luxurious added expense but it is not,” says Sasha J. Parsons, a wedding and event planner with Sasha J. Events. “Wedding Planners are a necessity to ensure that not only the bride, but all of her close friends and family can relax and enjoy the wedding instead of decorating, handling vendors and managing logistics.”

Wedding planners are in the details of your big day.  They keep you on task, on budget, and on schedule.  The time leading up to the event, they are helping to bring your wedding vision to life.  On the day of the wedding, they handle all the details while keeping everyone on task and out of your pearl encrusted up-do.

Here are some other compelling reasons to hire a wedding planner.

They know the business. Basically, I’m saying that their wedding planning resume could beat up your wedding planning resume.  Planning these types of events is their life and more often than not, their passion.  They understand what things cost.  They know trusted vendors as well as vendors to avoid.  They know when elements in weddings will work and when, maybe, you should reconsider that Boy George flash mob idea. They’ve ‘been there, done that,’ so you would be well served to use their expertise to your advantage.

They don’t care what anyone thinks other than you.  A wonderful thing happened when I had my first child.  I realized I had a built in excuse for all things.  I could forevermore…blame it on the kid.  Wedding planners are usually fine with being that person too. Need someone to coax Uncle Milton into taking off his John Deere hat for the pictures? That’s why they are there. Don’t you fret that Uncle Milton might get cross. I assure you that the wedding planner has on her big girl panties and can handle an unconventional wedding attire intervention just fine without you.

Wedding Planning

They can help you stay on budget. Investing in a wedding planner might actually end up saving you money.  They should have great ideas on how and where to cut costs.  They may know vendors who give them special rates and deals.  “Wedding planners have experience and knowledge that can often save a couple more money than what they are charging for their services, therefore reducing the wedding budget instead of adding to it,” adds Sasha J. Parsons.

When the wedding is over, you get to leave. Perhaps the most decadent moment of my own wedding, years ago, happened when my new husband and I changed clothes, hugged our parents and left the wedding behind us to head to our honeymoon.  Someone else paid the vendors.  Someone else cleaned up.  Someone else hand delivered the gifts and my dress safely to our apartment. While you are sipping champagne in first class, your fearless wedding planner’s job is to stay until the bitter end.  After all, there is a venue to clean, gifts to gather and vendors that will be ready to get paid.

Regardless of the size or grandeur of your big day, planning a wedding can be a pressure cooker filled with grand ideas, budget realities, mind numbing details and lots of emotions.  And the day that you stand before your friends and families and declare your love and commitment to one another should be nothing short of perfect.  Hiring a wedding planner is a great way to make your wedding day unforgettable and stress free.

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