Avoid Wedding Photography Buyer’s Remorse


We published an article on February 15th- “Hire a photographer- you’ll be happy you did!” So, finding a right photographer is very important and it can be overwhelming. Think about it, the excitement, the happiness, loved ones to share everything on this special day.  Once everything is over, the food is gone, the cake has been eaten, the flowers are wilted, that beautiful dress is hung in a closet, the formal wear is returned to the rental shop.  Everyone has gone home back to their lives. SLRlounge.com states that there are more than 100,000 wedding photographers in the United States. We estimate there are more than 3,000 in Atlanta alone. Maybe more! We’ve been liking their Facebook page and we noticed a strange epidemic that raised a red flag! Many of them have FAKE Facebook likes. It’s cheating and a waste of money! Do they think by having many LIKES on their Facebook page it will book them more wedding gigs? We wonder how disappointed the bride and the groom will be once they get their pictures back. So be beware of wedding photographers with fake fans. There are no benefits from buying Facebook likes.

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To the bride and the groom, be smart, call around, ask for references, double check their portfolio, and ask them to show their albums. Or you can check our “Find a Vendor” wedding photography listing. We screen them all carefully.

Our associate photographers Eric & Michael, who give us unlimited access to their portfolio for our wedding quotes or articles, only have a little more than 160 likes on their Facebook page. They joined last October as a team and they’re a big assist to our web publication. They’ve been hard at work taking pictures for our upcoming digital magazine which will come out soon and it will be FREE for you all to download. Their pictures are breathtaking! Leah and Mark– their work is incredible! Our other associate photographer, Hannah Beesley, has done few weddings and her work is amazing! They’re honest and they’re hard at work doing their best! There are so many wedding photographers that we like and they all are great! That is what we’re interested in. Not some photographer who bought FAKE Facebook Likes to make them look good!


Beware! Buying fake Facebook Likes is a bad idea and is bad for your business! Period!

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