A Day in The Life Photography

A Day in The Life Photography

A Day in The Life Photography is a boutique Studio operating right out of their storefront studio location in Historic Marietta Square.

A Day in The Life Photography

Concentrating in the highly competitive wedding market, the studio shoots approximately 40 plus weddings a year. The studio is owned by John & Tamera Webb, who are the also the principal shooters and handle virtually all the work themselves.

Multiple award winners with both the Wedding Photojournalist Association as well as the Artistic Guild of The Wedding Photojournalist Association the studio also handles maternity, baby and high school seniors.

So what’s the secret to succeeding in an overpopulated photographer’s market with everyone from first timers to offers to shoot for free just to gain experience?

For us it’s simple, we offer the capture of timeless moments, moments packed with real emotion that we fell, never goes out of style.

“Don’t misunderstand” Webb stated, “we love using textures and other things we create to give and gain a unique look and feel to our images, but for us, above all, we want the images to tell the story of the day.”

“Nothing bores me more than looking at an album and seeing it chock full of the traditional, formal images. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a place for traditional wedding formals. We offer them as well, but with us it makes up much less of the overall coverage with our storytelling approach”.

A bride’s tear rolling down her cheek, another bride breaking into tears with her mother just before the ceremony..those things NEVER go out of style..

Wife and Partner Tamera chimed in “what we want are for clients to open their album, and to remember every emotion that flowed that day, how they felt, who they were on a day, truly, like no other”. “That, for us, is success and the brides who respond to that type of imagery seek us out”.

A Day in The Life Photography

Continuing Tamera says, ”we have a nice presence on Facebook, we constantly try to update our site, but so much of our clientele are personal referrals from previous clients that it still remains the single most significant portion of our clients.”

That also drives decisions about marketing. “We spend next to nothing on advertising” says Tamera. “We are seeking brides and couples who want a special relationship with their photographers and that relationship allows us into places and moments we feel not just any photographer could go, and once your there you can tell a story…a story of the heart”.

A Day in The Life Photography

“For us the tenants of business still apply”, John states “treat people right, work hard, under promise and over deliver and maintain financial discipline and you CAN have success…I would add that in a constantly changing market you need to be cognizant of trends and invest in your education. Tamera and I both believe in and belong to the PPA and I am CPP certified while Tamera is pursuing her certification.”

John & Tamera are instructors for the PPA’s Super Monday Instruction at their Studio with their class ‘Stories of The Heart” showing photographers how crafting relationships with clients allow us to capture images that are intimate, treasured and timeless.

Website: www.adayinthelifephotography.net
Facebook: dayinthelifephotography

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