Sophia Barrett Studios: Skillfully Unique and Amazingly Breathtaking!

Sophia Barett Studios

A photograph has the ability to capture a moment in time that our minds may not be able to retain for years to come. Sophia Barrett studios strives to capture that beautiful moment and present it in the form of a photo that is as amazing as the memory held in one’s mind.

Sophia Barett Studios

This dynamic duo of husband and wife based out of Atlanta has taken photography to a whole new level. Whether doing a shoot on Skull and Bone Beach in Saint Simon’s Island or setting up in an old abandoned warehouse, Sophia Barrett studios goes above and beyond to make each shot skillfully unique and amazingly breathtaking. The creativity that this couple brings will have you awestruck for decades to come when looking back at your photos.

The bride can expect an initial consultation with Sophia where she takes the time to get to know the bride and groom as well as the opportunity to tell their story.

For us, the opportunity to tell the couple’s story doesn’t start on their wedding day but at our first encounter. This gives us an opportunity to re-tell their story as accurately and aesthetically as possible through photo.

From there the couple can look forward to an engagement session where the they can express themselves in clothing, hair and makeup provided by professionals all before their big day. But it doesn’t stop there. Sophia Barrett studios also provide a post-wedding bridal session where the bride and groom can have a more adventurous photo shoot with their wedding attire.

Sophia Barrett Studios offers a wedding package for every bride’s budget in order for them to capture their special day. Since their beginning the duo has been able to accommodate couples across the United States and in countries such as Puerto Rico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Most photographers wait for the perfect shot predisposed in their mind. I believe in the perfect shot is captured when she looks at him in an unassuming way, he smiles a reassuring smile, shoulders are relaxed and the love displayed in the room is so thick you can slice it.

Sophia Barett Studios

Sophia Barrett studios has been featured in numerous magazines such as Oh-Brides magazine, Occasions magazine, Essence magazine online and Ebony magazine online as well as wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty.

For more information please visit Sophia and Derrick on their website and or these other social media outlets.

Facebook: Sophia Barrett Studios
Twitter: Sbarrettstudios
Instagram: Sophiabarrettstudios

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