Great Lighting at Piedmont Park and Dr. Who

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Let me tell you it is good to push yourself! I recently wanted to just that I have been inspired by light painting! When I started out I was a painter and did a lot of drawing so when I started in photography (which means drawing with light) I fell in love with it! We recently went to Piedmont Park in downtown Atlanta. We waited until it was dark enough to see a little of the background and the lights of the buildings were not too powerful. We then got the most powerful flashlight I could find. One of those powerful flashlights you can point to the sky and light half the moon. We then got our pose and one we got our out line we then popped the model with a flash so just to light her. I just loved the results! The next time I have a wedding at Piedmont Park we are going to do it! Light painting lets you combine my drawing, photography and painting skills together. I hope you enjoy the results as much as I did taking the photo until next time.

Somethings are just meant to happen! I met this cute couple in October. After the small talk at the consultation the bride leaned toward me and said have you heard of Doctor Who? When she said that it send chills down my spine. I have been a Doctor Who fan for over 20 years! For those no in the know Doctor Who is a BBC program.

Atlanta Artistic Weddings

The one piece of advice I give every couple is this is your wedding make it your wedding. Let it express your personality and have fun with it. This couple did just that. All of my couples are great but this one was a little close to home because of their willingness to be individuals! They were so much fun to do their engagement shoot at the Oakland Cemetery in downtown Atlanta. They had a sonic screwdriver as part of their bouquet!

Please enjoy this photo as much as I enjoyed taking it.

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