Southern’s finest delicacies and make your mama proud!


My name is Susan Petersen and I am the proud owner of Southern Sugar Flowers.  I landed in Georgia over 20 years ago.  I feel I am a true southerner and love the traditions and warm weather of the south.  I have been cake decorating as a creative outlet for nearly three decades, and in 2012 my flower passion turned into Southern Sugar Flowers!  These wonderful, edible, creations made from royal icing can turn any cake into a showpiece.

Pink w silver

With Southern Sugar Flowers, no matter what your budget, make an elaborate cake that will be the focal point of any celebration.  My roses are all made by hand, from royal icing with incredible attention to detail.  Southern Sugar Flowers is perfect for DIY brides, baker’s & caterer’s.

I am a true do-it-yourselfer at heart and want to share my talents so anyone can make a cake that would be considered one of Dixie’s finest delicacies and make your mama proud!
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