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Technology is everywhere – and ELL ( which stands for Eat, Live, Look) Boutique is looking to change the matrimonial landscape by incorporating  the most popular web and smartphone applications into your wedding.  Founded just last year, we are an event/technology “boutique” that  caters to the bride that embraces traditionalism, but yearns to add an extra layer of excitement, relevancy, and surprise to her wedding day.


Through the use of QR Codes and in an-house web and media team, ELL produces couple interviews, tributes, and/or pre-wedding planning events that are linked to via QR Codes that will are designed into the décor and food and scanned with attendees smart phones.

From the moment you send out our custom, hand made invitations embedded with QR codes, your family and friends will  scan and be greeted with a video from the happy couple (you!) describing the wedding plans and sharing special information about what is to come.    They will be directed to RSVP with your custom wedding website, completely designed with a custom photo shoot (included).  There will be interactive emails and blog posts created to interact with your guests, keeping everyone looking forward to the wedding! This is the NEW “Traditional”!

For the older and strictly traditional guests, they will still receive the adequate items needed to follow through with attendance, but for the guests that love an interactive experience, they will truly enjoy the customized event that will awe them and connect them to you through footage of your cake tasting (we come too, to catch it all on film!), your dress selection, an interview about your first kiss – the options are limitless! This memorable behind the scenes footage will be strategically placed  on chairs, menus, centerpieces – all eloquently blended with your theme.

Use everyone’s smartphone to help collect the hard-to-catch memories happening all around you at the wedding. QR codes labeled “Take A Picture” will encourage your guests to take a snapshot  of  themselves or what’s happening around them.  The QR Code scan will allow the  guests to upload these images to their wedding website, and be shareable with social networks upon exit.

Take a look at our website to get more information about our services and plan a consultation.

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