Created By Bliss

 Created by Bliss

I started a small business, that launched on my birthday, January 14 of this year. In my recent past, I have made my living with cutting shears as a hairstylist. I have now switched by shears from cutting to sewing, as I have also been a seamstress for over 30 years.

My passion started when we made my daughter’s bouquet out of an array of fabrics for her wedding. She wanted a unique bouquet she could keep and pass down for generations. We customized a bouquet that suited her personality. Her bouquet was very special; a lot of loving energy went into creating it. However, I decided if I wanted to continue to make them for others, I would have to perfect my ideas, and that is where the bliss comes in.

As I create the bouquets, I find that if I pray, the ideas, color schemes and inspiration starts to flow, which is why I say, “I am creating Bliss”. Each bouquet is very special to my heart. I think it is because of all the blissful energy that I ¬†acquire to create them. It makes me over joyed when a beautiful bride picks up one of my bouquets and says: “It is as if you made it just for me!”. I think all brides are beautiful, and it is wonderful when their bouquet can reflect that beauty on their special day. I love being a part of their special day by creating their blissful bouquet.

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