After featuring Eric and Michael’s sweepstake for free wedding photography, we begged them to send us some pictures. They sent us some pictures of Celeste and Chris’ engagement session! The pics are gorgeous! The shoot took place in Dahlonega. Eric and Michael said, “Man! It was COLD!” But after seeing Celeste and Chris’ pictures, it’s clear that their love warmed things up! Celeste and Chris met two and half years ago at The Kudz Theatre in Roswell where “The Nerd” was playing. Celeste thought the play was a bit dry but Chris, who sat few rows down, was laughing the whole time! Celeste became intrigued by Chris and soon they met. Now they are tying the knot April 28th at FrogTown Cellars in Dahlonega. Check out Eric and Michael’s Facebook page to see more of their pictures and be sure to LIKE their page. We can’t wait to feature some of their wedding pictures!

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