Planning Your Big Day…It’s All About the Details, Details, Details!

The excitement of being engaged.  The pre-wedding parties. The bridal showers.  Looking at countless wedding magazines. Planning, shopping for that perfect gown. You’ve booked a photographer and you think you have it all taken care of. You would be surprised at how many wedding details have been overlooked.

It’s all in the details…. from your shoes, the color of the petals in the flower girl’s basket and the table centerpiece can make your wedding a magical event. Your photographer should pay attention to the details since the pictures will be your life long memories.

Going on a honeymoon? Do you have your passport with you, your airline ticket? Your hotel reservation?

Do you have the money for the final payment or tips to the venues, the catering, the photographer?

Planning for the wedding is hectic and it’s easy to overlook the details. Working with a wedding planner can help with the details.  Surveys have shown that a professional wedding planner is even better with all the details than the bride’s mother.

In planning for your special day, be sure to have a checklist for everything…even the little things like safety pins and aspirin.  You never know what you might need.

So don’t forget your marriage license….you’ll need that to make it nice and legal.  Remember those airline tickets, too ‘cause the best is yet to come!!

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