I said “Of Course”

Proposal on Valentine’s Day 2010, written by Mindi Scroggs Greenland.

FINALLY!! Mikey and I had the opportunity to be together daily and start planning the future. I think I’ve waited for this day my entire life. I was in a state of absolute bliss…

We had talked about what we both wanted in the future and both of us wanted a traditional kind of relationship (i.e. marriage and kidshopefully, in that order), but with an “extraordinary” approach. Sothe moment arrived that we would start laying our path to the future. EXCEPTMikey kept telling me (yes, almost everyday and sometimes more than once) that he wanted to hold off on the idea of marriage until at least 6 months after moving because of the transition with his job. At first, we weren’t even sure that he would have a job at the time he decided to make the move to GA. Then, once everything worked out for him, I couldn’t figure out why he wanted to delayBUT I didn’t say much about it because I didn’t want to push him away. However, I did ask him to not move without “intentions” because I had arrived at the point in my life that I knew what I wanted and I was ready for a new beginning. And if you know mesometimes I don’t have to say anything at all because my body language and facial expressions say it ALL for me.

So, on Valentines Day he asked me to call PF Chang and make reservations. CHECK, done. THENhe said “dress up”hmmmm, ok he’s a romanticno problem. All day he walked around with a grin on his face and looking backI should have known he was up to something! At the restaurant he talked about Gene Simmons never marrying his girlfriend and how they have a beautiful family and something very different from other people and I believe my response was, “well, you’re name isn’t Gene and I’m not his girlfriend.” I admitI was a little saddened because I knew that Mikey was the right guy for me, but couldn’t figure out how in the world I would get him to see my perspective on marriage and family. And yesI was somewhat confused because I was SO sure months ago that we were on the same page about our ideas of the future.

Sowe arrive home and just as we pull into the driveway he says, “Mindi, I have a huge favor to ask. Will you go to the store and get ice cream for me while I get dessert started.” Of course I didn’t mind, but didn’t why we didn’t just stop on the way home. So, off I went to the store and when I got back there was a sign on the door that said “DO NOT ENTER. Txt me. Love You.” I sent a text asking what he was doing and he told me that I would find out soon and to just wait a while longer.

So, I waitedand waitedand waitedthen I picked up some of his tools and messed around a littleand I waited some more (with the ice cream by the way!)and then, he finally opened the door. All I could see was the glow of candle light from the inside beaming out and flooding the entire garage. I thought, “wowhe must have lit a lot of candles.” Once I walked inside, I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and romantic. He lit probably over 200 candles. They were EVERYWHERE! Now, I knew why I had to wait.

Valentine Day at Evening Roses and Candles

Once inside, he handed me a big Victoria Secret box that was HEAVY. I couldn’t figure out what came from there that was that heavy. So, I assumed it was lotion or something I couldn’t even imagine. Well, he put the box down on the table and I could tell he was nervous about something. Then, he gave me a speech about how one year ago in Las Vegas he told me he loved me for the first time and about how he has looked forward to our journey together and something about he couldn’t really say what he truly felt so he was hoping the gift would show me….

And I opened the box and inside the big box was a small white box with some pretty tissue paper around it and I thought it was earrings (I love to wear earrings!). I started to feel somewhat confused because there was a slight possibility that what was inside that box wasn’t earrings. But, based on our earlier conversation and what he had been saying for several weeks I dismissed that there was any way he was proposing on that night. I was CONVINCED it would not happen for several months.

Well, because I was confused and because the box was heavy and I couldn’t balance it with just one hand, he picked up the small white box and handed it me and said “open it.” When I didguess what was inside! I was SHOCKEDand just looked at him and said, “but I thought…” and before I could finish he got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?” Did I tell you that I was shocked? Yeahso, because I was shocked I couldn’t speak. Then, he stood up, put the ring on my finger, and said “will you?” I didn’t realize I had not answered yet. I just said, “yes, of course.”

Then, I think I stood there for a while trying to figure out what I was supposed to do besides hug and kiss Mikey for a while. He asked if I wanted to call my Mom and I had to just sit on the sofa for a few minutes because I couldn’t even speak to tell her. Then, once I realize he tricked me and made me believe that I was going to have to put a few dreams on hold for a while, I wanted to tell him how mean he was to torment me like that, but you can imagine that even after having the wool pulled over my eyes that this day had a magical happy ending!

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